The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×14 “Down The Rabbit Hole”

My heart shattered into a million pieces watching this episode. It was truly amazing, beautiful, heartbreaking and shocking. The TVD writers have really done a number on us this time. We love Klaus, but because of him we had to watch Caroline fall apart and Tyler walk away from her. We love Katherine, but because of her we had to watch Jeremy die. Bittersweet indeed. In this episode we also saw Damon get led around like a dog by Vaughn, Shane lay useless on the cave floor (haha… bitch) and Caroline put her movie watching skills to good use. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Elena TVD 4x15Elena: Elena shared a really nice moment with Stefan while sitting on that log on the beach. They even touched hands and called each other “friends”. Don’t let him fool you Elena. That mother f*cker would shove that cure down your throat so fast. He doesn’t want you sired to Damon (which is understandable because it’s morally f*cked up) AND he still loves you. It’s nice to see Stefan not being a complete asshole to her though. When she realizes (while nursing Stefan’s snapped neck) that there is only one dose of the cure, she says she can’t take it. Why? Because how fair is that? It’s not. Why should she get it over anyone else? She’s totally right and it’s in Elena’s nature to think about those kinds of things. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get her hands on the cure though. She knows they’ll need to shove it down Klaus’ throat in order to kill him or else Caroline and Tyler will be in danger. Yeah… that plan didn’t work out. Oh, and Elena, you’re hair looks super fabulous and straight for not having a flat-iron on that mystical island. #JustSayin #PerksOfBeingAVampire

Damon TVD 4x15Damon: Poor Damon. He got led around like a f*cking dog the entire episode by Vaughn, unable to make sure his honey was safe. Helpless Damon sucks. Vaughn reveals to Damon that there is only one dose of the cure and he needs it for Silas so he can kill him. This seems like a pretty legit way to use the cure, but that’s just me. Damon’s not having it though. He still wants Elena to take the cure, because he knows he’ll never be comfortable in a relationship with her, wondering whether she really loves him or if it’s just the sire bond. He also knows it’s what is best for her and he loves her THAT much. That’s noble and respectable as f*ck. Damon learns that Vaughn needs to get to Bonnie and Damon’s like, “Wrong person to talk to about that dude. I don’t give two shits about Bonnie.” Vaughn uses some nifty toys to torture and restrain Damon and uses them on Rebekah when she comes to save Damon. I don’t like seeing Damon in pain like this or away from Elena for this long. Can these two newbie love birds just get some time to snuggle and talk about their hopes and dreams together? They haven’t even been on a proper date. This is killing me.

Stefan TVD 4x15Stefan: Stefan’s life seriously sucks. His BFF and lover (Bex) snaps his neck, his ex-girlfriend says she likes them as “friends” (low-blow) and all this cure shit is totally blowing up in his face. He knows he probably won’t get the cure now that there’s just one dose. He wants Elena to take it because the thought of her spending vampire eternity sired to his brother makes him wants to throw up in his mouth. I know he says he wants to get the cure for Klaus now, but  honestly if the cure were in Stefan’s hands, I think he’d make Elena take it no matter what the repercussions. He always said he’d get her the cure at any cost, and I believe that’s still true. Rebekah seems to think so too. It’s every vampire for themselves here.

Jeremy TVD 4x15Jeremy & Bonnie: Bonnie and Jer repel down to the bottom of the cave to deal with all this Silas hoopla. They tell each other that they’re glad they are in this together. I love me some BonBon and JerBear moments. Bonnie sees her Grams in the cave, but Jeremy grabs her and tells her it’s not real because he’d be able to see her too if it was a ghost. It’s a Silas induced hallucination. What a tender moment between these two. We realize that Shane never saw his wife in the cave at all. It was just Silas’ way of controlling him. #GoFigure. Once Jer and Bonnie reach Silas’ nasty ass body, they realize that the cure is fossilized in his hands. Awwww snap! They consider waking him, because really, that’s the only way they’ll be able to pry it from his hands. The choice isn’t really up to them though, because KATHERINE shows up (acting as Elena at first) and feeds Jeremy to Silas. Oh, dear Lord. Oh, sweet Jesus. Say it ain’t so! Is this real life? Jeremy falls lifeless to the cave floor, sending me through a whirlwind of emotions… none of them good or respectable.

RIP to Jeremy and his ripped bod. I still have hope that he’s not permanently gone. #FingersCrossed. Elena is going to straight lose her shit. As for Bonnie, who got stabbed by Vaughn, she’s bleeding on the ground watching Jeremy die, but I’m 100% sure she doesn’t die because she’s in next week’s episode synopsis.

Rebekah TVD 4x15Rebekah: I think she’s proven that she wasn’t lying when she said she wanted that damn cure. When she realizes (thanks to Klaus) that there is only one dose, she decides to screw over Elena and Stefan to get to it first. Hey, at least she was honest with Stefan before she snapped his neck on that cliff. Can’t really blame a girl. If anyone deserves that cure, it’s Rebekah. Not only does she actually want it (really freaking badly), but she’s been alive a LOT longer than Stefan and Elena. That means she’s living with 100x more guilt and pain than they are. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that it won’t be Rebekah who will be getting the cure because Silas, Elena, Damon, Stefan OR Klaus taking (or being forced to take) the cure would be a lot more dramatic. Bex, your hair also looked fabulous in this episode.

Tyler TVD 4x15Caroline & Tyler: Caroline and Tyler remain in Mystic Falls and with the help of Klaus, decipher the message on the Hunter’s sword. May I just say that I was really impressed by the fact Caroline knew what a cryptex was. #DoWork. #DaVinciCodeShit. Caroline goes to Klaus to ask him to let Tyler live if he cares about her at all. Klaus gives a little speech about how Caroline and him are more alike than she might think because they like to be strong and in control. Klaus calls out the fact that Caroline would not take the cure even if she had the chance. DUH! Who would? Vampirism is f*cking awesome and humans are super boring and lame. Klaus ultimately says he will kill Tyler, but that he’ll give him a head start out of the kindness of his heart. What an asshole. I lost my damn marbles over that Caroline and Tyler scene on the porch. Even though I want Caroline and Klaus to get it on like Donkey Kong, there’s no denying the love that Caroline and Tyler have for one another and having to watch them say goodbye was rough (especially with that super emotional f*cking song playing in the background). I think the Gilbert porch is seriously cursed. Needless to say, I bawled my eyes out. Is Tyler gone for good now? I can’t see him coming back around until Klaus is out of Mystic Falls and no longer a threat. Oh, wait! #OriginalsSpinoff Hmm…

Klaus and Caroline TVD 4x15Klaus: I think it’s become evident that Klaus is never going to be the person that we want him to be, or that Caroline wants him to be. He’s spent far too long being the bad guy to be able to just change over night. He’s nuttier than squirrel turds though if he thinks his behavior is going to win him any points with Caroline. I can understand why he’d want Tyler dead… sort of. It’s not like Tyler would have stopped trying to kill him for what he did to his mother. I am so torn right now. I love Klaus and have always rooted for him and Caroline, but after watching that scene between Caroline and Tyler, I kind of want to white oak ash dagger his ass. You could see how hurt he was to see Caroline crying and so upset. Not sure what he expected though. PS. How hot was Klaus when he was speaking Aramaic? #Sizzlin’.

Katherine_4x07Katherine: I always said when she came back, she’d come back with a bang. Well, she sure as shit did. Nothing says “I’m back bitches” like killing off one of the main characters. Yikes! Katherine, I love you and I’ve been waiting so long for you to make your triumphant return, but your behavior was completely unacceptable. At least we know now that she STILL has no regard for anyone’s life but her own. The question is, what’s her motive?

Every once in a blue moon, an episode comes along that sticks with you and affects you far longer than it should. That was this episode. It was packed full of beautifully touching scenes. It was brilliant… and super depressing. Is Jeremy really dead? Does Tyler’s exit make room for a Caroline and Klaus relationship? What the hell is Katherine up to? And the most important question of all, who is going to get that cure? Wouldn’t it be a bitch if someone just accidentally dropped it on the ground and then no one got to take it? Next week, we’ll see Elena struggle to accept Jeremy’s death, Meredith Fell comes back into the picture and Bonnie will shock everyone when she reveals the rest of Shane’s plan. How the hell are we going to wait a whole week? Oh, and next week’s episode was written by Julie Plec herself so I’m sure I’ll be puking all over myself and convulsing on the ground for a solid hour after it’s over. Leave your comments, thoughts and predictions. Until next time…



TVD music from 4×14

2 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×14 “Down The Rabbit Hole”

  1. Terri Drumm (@LoveOTHandTVD)

    Nice job on recapping an episode that still has me teary eyed the morning after.
    I’ve been telling my husband for weeks that Jeremy is going to die, making Elena lose her shit – but I didn’t anticipate the impact his death would have on me!
    I believe he’s well and truly dead, because 1)his ring won’t work, because once he was awakened as one of the Five, he became supernatural, 2)Silas raising the dead is bullshit used to make Shane do his will, and 3)Bonnie using some type of magic to bring him back is too unbelievable. I think they really went and killed off the last living member of Elena’s family.
    I’m looking forward to some kind of “No humanity Elena”, but I’m sorry it comes at the cost of Jeremy. Like the Salvatores, Jeremy and Elena’s relationship has always been real and true, both willing to sacrifice for the other. I’ll miss that.
    Oh yeah, “little tip” – torturing yourself watching fan vids of Jeremy and Elena on YouTube really doesn’t help with the trying to stop crying part.

    The rest of the episode was good. I would like to be excited about Katherine’s return but just can’t feel it right now. Tyler leaving – meh. He leaves every season. I’d come to actually like Tyler but I don’t know that I’ll miss him very much. The plus side of him leaving is that hopefully, I’ll never have to listen to a werewolf or hybrid screaming while they transform again.

    I can’t invest myself with any storyline pertaining to the Originals at this point. The potential spin-off has taken all of that away for me.

    To me, the biggest piece of crap left is that freakin’ sire bond. I just want that dealt with and over now. It sucks like crazy – yep, Delena shipper here.

    Sorry to leave such a long comment – I think I’m still having some serious feels after last night. Thanks for letting me vent!

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