Being Human Recap – 3×05 “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth”

Being Human Syfy 3x05

Excellent episode! Sam Witwer deserves a f*cking Emmy for his portrayal of Aidan, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in love with Aidan and currently trying to figure out how to marry a fictional character so that we can be together forever. He even hit himself in the head repeatedly in this episode. That’s dedication to your craft right there, because you know that shit hurt. Seriously though, I thought he was amazing in this episode. Anyway, in 3×05, we saw Sally get jiggy with it on the comfort couch (da fucque?), Liam threaten Nora and Josh, and Aidan bond with a Bubble Boy/his food source. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

AidanAidan: Aidan’s as good an actor as Sam Witwer. When Bubble Boy was testing Aidan to see if he was a vampire, Aidan played it off like a boss. Then, the boy straight up asked him if he was an eternally damned, blood sucking creature of the night (kind of rude). Aidan’s response: “Haha! You crazy little f*cker you. You’re not allowed to watch scary movies anymore.” *chuckles as he walks out the door* When he gets in the hallway he pretty much projectile vomits all over himself because he totally got called out and he made that kid feel like a freaking dumb ass. He hangs out with the boy and watches TV with him the next night, which I think is really sweet because the kid has to be lonely as f*ck in there and he even says he has no friends. Unfortunately, Aidan dreams about a nurse coming in and confronting him about the blood he has been taking and says she’s going to report him. He snaps her neck and then wigs out. When he wakes up, his eyes are black and his fangs are poppin’ out. Bubble boy sees! Oh, shit! This is bad. I’m not even going to go into the naked, dead girls that were following him around because they just pissed me off. Aidan has a kick ass moment though, where he jacks up some werewolves that attacked him in an alley. That’s right bitches! Nobody f*cks with Aidan! Unfortunately, this has now landed him on Liam’s radar/shit list. We just have to hope Nora doesn’t sell him out. Speaking of…

NoraNora: You’re being quite the judgy little bitch for someone who’s also killed and is currently hiding it from said victim’s father. You, like Aidan, have had your ups and down and made mistakes. Don’t forget the fact that you’re also a monster. Where do your loyalties lie anyway? Girl, you know I love you, but Josh was right to get shitty with you for even thinking for a nano-second about throwing Aidan under the bus. I agree that having your boyfriend screen his patients so that his vampire friend can safely drink their blood is a little weird, but you change into a giant, murderous canine inside of a storage unit once a month, so let’s not point fingers. Liam brings Erin back to the house which really chaps my ass. Obviously, Nora feels motherly toward Erin and I’m sure they bonded when they changed together, but this girl is crazy, has really poor manners and a bad attitude. She’s so needy!

Josh and Nora have enough of their own shit to deal with (like Liam not finding out that Nora killed his daughter and trying to protect Aidan from getting staked) and I know that Erin is just going to cause a riff in their relationship. It literally stresses me out. I don’t want anything to come between #Jora #Nosh #Norash. Ok, those all sound like shit.

JoshJosh: I feel really bad for Josh right now. He is trying to make Nora happy and protect her from Liam all while being a good friend to Aidan. Liam confronts Nora and Josh outside of their house and says he tracked Aidan’s vamp scent back to their house and he knows he lives with them. Josh stands up for Aidan and says he won’t give him up or kill him. He ultimately goes to Liam’s hotel room, points a gun at him and tells him that he’ll never betray Aidan because he’s his friend and a good man. #truth. Liam calmly tells him to get the f*ck out right now, and Josh does as told. You can tell Josh was shaking in his boots during this confrontation, probably because Liam wasn’t even phased by the fact he had a gun in his face. Poor Josh. Then, he has to go home to Nora who makes some super emasculating comments and actually entertains the idea of f*cking over Aidan. Josh pretty much says, “bro’s before hoes Nora” and walks out of the room. Ok not really, but he was still pissed. Josh is going to have a hell of a time trying to protect himself and Nora from Liam, help take care of Erin, try to be a friend to Aidan and keep him out of trouble AND keep the house clean (because Lord knows Sally & Aidan don’t do jack shit around the house).

SallySally: Shit got REAL awkward for Sally in this episode. She is working for Max at the morgue now which is cool. Downside? It’s filled with dead people and she can see them. One of which is Max’s lingering, overprotective ghost mother. She’s not down to see her son get used or played by anyone and she tells Sally she’s watching her. This is all just so weird. Sally invites Max to hang out with her, Zoe and Nick so she’s not a third wheel. It looks as though they’re about to kiss but then Max turns into a little bitch and just leaves. The next day at work, he apologizes and asks for that kiss, which leads to sex on the grieving couch. Ow ow! Sally looked super happy about their romp but then Max gets weird as shit and acts like an awkward 15-year-old little boy. He just walks out of the damn room! I feel like this cat is Max’s spirit animal:

Just so scared and awkward as f*ck.  The worst part of the situation? Max’s mom appears as Sally’s getting dressed and is basically like, “You boinked my son. Take this you slut.” His mom possesses Sally and says some pretty unforgivable things to Max and quits the job. Zoe gives Sally a necklace that will keep her from getting possessed again. At the morgue, Sally confronts Max’s mom, who tries to possess her AGAIN and fails. This bitch is persistent. Sally has a little chat with her, telling her that she’s keeping her son from being happy and that he doesn’t deserve to be lonely. Fortunately, Max agrees to meet Sally. She apologizes and they have a super sweet kiss. Aw! Man up Max! Sally is fierce woman and she needs a man who can handle her… and all the drama that comes with the fact she’s a reanimated corpse.

I say it every week, but the episodes just keep getting better and better. Season 4 is BY FAR the best yet. Next week, Bubble Boy asks Aidan to turn him into a vampire, we get to see a sweet flashback and Sally goes to the soup kitchen to threaten Donna (which looks like it doesn’t go so well). Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time…



Music from Being Human 3×05

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