Being Human Recap – 3×04 “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die”

Sally and Aidan Being Human 3x04 "I'm So Lonesome I Could Die"

Wow! This episode was intense. All of our beloved characters are having some serious internal struggles. We’re starting to see the perfectness that is Josh and Nora unravel a little (thanks to teen wolf Erin and Nora’s piece-of-shit brother). Aidan goes on a blood binger and Sally considers a new identity. This really is the best season yet, and we’re only FOUR episodes into it. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

Aidan Being Human SyfyAidan: Aidan tries to act like he’s partaking in the rager festivities just for fun, but we all know that he’s grieving over Henry’s death, and so does he. You can’t mask your feelings behind glow sticks, Solo cups and pitchers of Natty Ice Aidan. Josh saw right through your little charade. Though, you do deserve to feel bad for basically causing Henry’s death. He’s acting like he’s got everything under control, with the blood lust and all that, but he apparently doesn’t. He takes Sally to a super trashy dive bar and ogles the bald, tatted-up bartender the whole time. #Creeper. He can hear the dude’s heartbeat from across the room and he just can’t resist. Sally finds the bartender bleeding on the ground outside of the bar and calls an ambulance. Dammit Aidan! You’re supposed to cover your tracks. Don’t just leave your dinner lying around all willy nilly like that in the street. Sally talks some sense into Aidan while she’s hovering over his body with a wooden stake above his heart. She calls him out for drinking the bartender, saying he obviously has a death wish because he’s drinking from people when he doesn’t know if they’re infected or not. Get your life together Aidan! They have a little heart-to-heart and Aidan’s like, “Ok, I’m all good. I’m going to shower and go back to work. Thanks Sal.” So, everything’s gravy right? Wrong. Now, he’s got his eye on a quarantined kid in the hospital. Fantastic…

Sally Being Human Syfy 3x04Sally: I feel really bad for Sally right now. We all know she would never leave Josh, Nora and Aidan, especially when they are in a time of need (and because she’s part of the main cast and she’s probably signed a contract to be in all of the episodes). However, staying in Boston will keep her from having a fulfilling life. She can’t go to the grocery store, the local bars, Applebee’s, Zumba class at the YMCA or anything like that because she could kill someone. She gives a whole new meaning to the saying, “if looks could kill.” When she goes to the dive bar with Aidan, she starts asking him if he’s ever cut town or created a new identity. He tells her that there was someone who used to create new identities for the vampires, usually starting with a stolen Social Security Number. So naturally, Sally heads to the funeral home where Trent’s service was and starts rifling through the filing cabinets. In walks Max. Sally tells him she’s sorry but she needs to escape her past and start a new life, with a new identity. He can’t help her out with that, but he does give her a job so that she can start making a little moolah. The fact that he’s surprisingly okay with the whole situation makes me question him. Maybe he’s up to something of his own. Or maybe he’s just really got the hots for Sally. These two are going to get hot and heavy. I just know it.

josh and noraJosh & Nora: Nora planned on going to her mother’s birthday “party” alone, but Josh insists on going as well because he wants to know every part of Nora. Bad move Josh. Nora agrees with some coaxing from Josh, but brings Erin along with them so that she’s not alone at the house. Nora’s parents are… interesting. Let’s not sugar coat it. They’re trashy as f*ck, her dad has a piss poor attitude and her brother’s a creepy loser. Nora admits to Josh at the house what really happened to Brynn. Brynn was messing with some dude and Nora tried to protect him and actually ended up killing her. Whoops!  Nora gives herself so much grief about the bad things she’s done in her past, and I think she feels like she doesn’t deserve love and happiness because of it. Josh has a super awkward conversation with Nora’s dad, where he asks him for his approval to marry Nora (which Aidan told him to do). Well, that went over swimmingly! Her dad pretty much dissed his wife and said, “do whatever the hell you want.” This dude is a straight ASS-HOLE. When Nora’s brother shows up at the house, he lets slip about Josh’s plan to ask Nora to marry him. She’s not happy about it. She even tells Josh they shouldn’t get that serious, using every excuse under the sun, including Erin. Erin’s crazy ass shouldn’t even be a concern. She shouldn’t even be at the house because she’s nuts. Speaking of…

Erin Being Human SyfyErin: I liked her for literally 5 seconds when she called Aidan “Twilight” in the beginning of the episode, and then I was done. You are messing up Josh and Nora’s relationship and I am NOT happy about that. I’m sorry that you’ve been in and out of foster homes your whole life, just got turned into a werewolf and probably have daddy issues, but you’re insane. You’re really surprised Josh was mad about the fact you were underage drinking in HIS house and making out with Nora’s brother? Reality check bitch! You’ve got it made right now. You live in a house full of really cool (and hot) supernatural creatures, you don’t have to pay rent or even pay for your own food, and you’re no longer being passed from one foster home to another every week. Suck it up, follow the house rules and for the love of God, STOP causing a rift between Josh and Nora. Thanks.

We didn’t see wacky witch Donna or werewolf dad Liam in this episode. I’m sure they were busy causing trouble, slurping up ghost guts and planning to ruin Nora’s life. We will be seeing Liam next episode for sure though, threatening Nora and Josh by saying, “take care of him, or I’ll take care of you.” Say what? Easy there, killer. Also, Sally will have a make out sesh with the mortician and get called a slut by a ghost and Aidan will find a reliable blood source via Bubble Boy’s veins. Leave your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time…



Music from 3×04 “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die”

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