The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×12 “A View To Kill”

Goodness gracious great balls of fiery Kol remains. This episode was action-packed and definitely had several surprises (and lots of awesome 80’s music). We saw Bonnie’s mom again, bid farewell to an Original and saw a softer side of Rebekah. Oh, and we got to see Damon punch Stefan in the face (he kind of deserved it though). Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

TVD Damon 4x12Damon: Damon was locked up in the dungeon for most of the episode, missing out on all the action. Stefan had Klaus keep an eye on him, and these two ended up having a little bonding moment. There’s nothing better than seeing two hot ass vampires in a dungeon talking about the appropriate way to be a bad-guy. This was as close to a heart-to-heart as these two will probably ever get. So, Damon and Elena have a super sweet reunion. They are SO happy to see each other, it just warmed my heart. Then Stefan comes in the house, all shitty and brooding and starts talking mad shit to Damon. Damon throws out that Stefan boinked Rebakah in front of Elena because Stefan is being an asshole. These two were gettin’ straight nas-tay! Then, Damon punches Stefan right in the face and drops him.

Yikes! That scene was better than an episode of Jerry Springer. #drama. But wait! Let’s not get all up in arms about Damon punching Stefan. Stefan kind of deserved it after the way he treated Damon. I feel a little bit bad for Damon right now, because he’s in love with someone who finally loves him back and he can’t help that she’s sired to him. Plus, what sane dude would tell a hot chick he’s in love with to stay away from him? Get real. No one. A punch really isn’t a big deal peeps. A little earlier in the season, Damon reached inside of his brother’s damn body to get him to tell the truth about his alliance with Klaus and they got over that in like, an hour. I didn’t see nearly enough Damon in this episode, so next week I’m hoping for a Damon overload.

TVD Elena 4x12Elena: Well, at least you gave room for Katherine to come back. She may have crossed Klaus, but she didn’t kill his f*cking brother… in front of him! I will give Elena one thing though, at least she came up with the whole killing Kol idea herself and followed through. Usually, her plans fail miserably and she ends up having to be rescued. She dealt with her own shit, the way she wanted to and it surprisingly worked. It may have some pretty devastating consequences, but hey, a girl’s gotta to what a girl’s gotta do. She wasn’t really left any choice, either. Her brother was in danger and she wanted to save him. Don’t hate on her and Jeremy for killing Kol. Jeremy is the ONLY family she has left, and she has every right to protect him. I don’t think it was about Jeremy finishing his mark so they could find the cure in any way. I think it was just truly about keeping him safe. Once Kol realized what they were trying to do, landing Jer and Elena on his shit list, he had to die. It was either we had a #OneArmedJeremy on our hands, or Kol died. I pick Kol dies… obviously so did Julie Plec. Anyone else think Jer and Elena made a pretty badass team? They kicked some serious Original ass!

TVD The Gilberts

They should get this framed and hang it above their fireplace… after they photoshop Klaus out of the background that is. (To whoever created this picture, you’re amazing.)

TVD Stefan 4x12Stefan: Stefan rocked the shit out of that 80’s attire. Can we please get a Stefan/Lexi (#Sexi) 80’s flashback scene? My emotions are extremely mixed about Stefan right now. The way he treated Damon, bleeding him out and being so hateful, seemed unforgivable. But then, I thought about all the horrible shit Damon has done to Stefan in the past and the fact that Stefan’s girl just got jacked by his own bro (and is sired to him), and it didn’t seem so unforgivable anymore. Let’s get to Stefan and Rebekah for a second. Even though he was being fake with Rebekah about his motives for taking her to the dance, I think he really does enjoy her company. Especially since, right now, he has literally NO friends and misery does love company. Stelena shippers, don’t get nasty because Stefan didn’t white-oak Rebekah. The reason he went all, “I can’t do that, Elena”, is not because he’ll die (because that’s what happens to vamps who white-oak originals), it’s because he has NO ONE else right now… plus, he’s having great sex. Rebekah is a fierce bitch. She may be immature and insecure, but she’s got a good heart.

Rebekah TVD 4x12Rebekah: I feel so f*cking bad for Rebekah. Homegirl just wanted to successfully attend a high school dance for once in her life. Did you see how happy she was when Stefan and her were dancing in the gym? The speech she gave Stefan in the hallway when she handed him the dagger made me tear up. She wants romance, she wants to go to prom, she wants kids, she wants to be human and she wants the cure. I guess when you’ve been a vampire for a few centuries, always moving from one place to the other, a human life could seem appealing. I’m here to tell you though Rebekah, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. You actually have to work for your money, things start sagging, clothes stop fitting and Botox is expensive… so is therapy. Just think about that first, ok? Anyway, it was incredibly sweet how Stefan said that they would find the cure together and she should trust him. I hope he really does care about her, because I’m sick of seeing Rebekah being constantly betrayed.

TVD Bonnie 4x12The Bennett Family: Are you hating on Bonnie’s dad? Well, he’s the only mature f*cking adult around, so cut that shit out! No wonder you all are put off by his attitude. He’s acting like a *gasp*…FATHER. And I quote, “You know how many people have died in your senior year alone?” Too many to count. Literally. I think Bonnie actually tried to count in her head, but we only have one hour per episode so the writers had to cut to the chase. However, Bonnie’s dad shouldn’t be surprised by the fact Bonnie got all defensive about that family meeting. She kind of, um I don’t know, HASN’T HAD ANY FAMILY FOR THE PAST YEAR, so give her a break. Bonnie “expression”ed her Mama and dipped out to go save her friends, who have been more present in her life than her parents have. P.S. I loved when Bonnie’s mom was all, “my daughter is done helping Elena Gilbert.” Amen, sister. Bonnie deserves to be prom queen, irresponsible, happy, and enjoy her life before she doesn’t have one anymore. You know how we feel about Bonnie’s life choices, so we’ll just stop there.

TVD Klaus 4x12Klaus: In the words of Damon, “If you’re going to be bad, be bad with a purpose. Otherwise, you’re not worth forgiving.” What at a good line. You guys get it, right? If you’re bad with a conscious, you should know better. If you’re bad and you’re just an asshole, it’s like a major thing when you finally come around and amend for your sins. A-la Damon trying to protect Jeremy. It’s called character development, people. Klaus needs to choose a side and stay there. Caroline may help with that, if she ever speaks to him again. I also love how Klaus pointed out that Jeremy is the one true love of Elena’s life. Sensing a theme here? #familycomesfirst. Speaking of that, I don’t think Klaus is going to take the fact that he watched his brother burn alive and then got magically trapped in the Gilbert’s living room very lightly. Can someone at least turn the TV on for him so he doesn’t just have to stand there staring at the wall? The guy’s a murderer but no one deserves that kind of treatment.

TVD Jeremy 4x12Jeremy: So, did you guys freak out when Jeremy said, “Katherine Pierce” too? Thank you! Bring our bitch back! Jeremy really stepped it up in this episode. Him and Elena slayed the shit out of  Kol. I’m amazed that Jeremy is still totally cool with his body being used as a f*cking map just so his sister can be human again. I think I’d feel uncomfortable and violated. So, Jeremy kills Kol and subsequently all of the vampires from his bloodline. Only Lord knows how many vampires died, but all of a sudden Jer hulks out and rips his shirt off. Elena says she can see the tattoo and it’s complete! Off to find the cure they go. Thanks Kol!

Let’s all raise our glasses and bid adieu to Kol Mikaelson. I’m sorry you had to die.


Maybe if they raise Silas from the dead, Kol will be someone who comes back to life (if Shane was even telling the truth). Who knows. I missed Caroline and Tyler in this episode! They’ll be back next week though, dealing with Klaus. You can read that episode synopsis here. In next week’s episode, we’ll see Shane, Bonnie, Jeremy, Elena, Damon and Rebekah taking a little field trip to Nova Scotia in their search for the cure. I can’t wait for the super awkward scenes between Elena, Damon, Stefan and Rebekah. Nothing like sitting around a campfire with a bunch of people who have basically all slept with and tried to kill each other. It’s going to be awesome. Until next time… #FangsOut



Music from 4×12 “A View To Kill”

TVD Promo – 4×13 “Into The Wild”

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