Whiskey, awkward conversation...a Winchester Reunion.

Whiskey, awkward conversation…a Winchester Reunion.

So this episode rocked. We finally got to learn about Sam and Dean’s grandpa, and that he wasn’t actually a dead beat dad. He was just a brainwashed…and in a cult. #nobigs. Ok, let’s get down to the dirty deets:

Henry (grandpa Winchester) was in the middle of his cult-initiation, and some demon named Abaddon got in the way (she was this hot vampy-looking bitch, naturally). She wanted some rando box to do…we aren’t sure yet. Henry did a witch-crafty spell and time traveled to Sam and Dean’s hotel room. Because where else would they be? Anyways, the spell was supposed to take Henry to his next of kin, and since John Winchester sacrificed his soul for his sons, he obvi isn’t there. A-la next of kin, the boys. Dean is defensive, of course, and Sam is compassionate. #shocker. Henry tries to fool the boys in his too-cool-for-school 1950’s suit and steal Dean’s car, but Dean stops him just in time. Nobody puts Dean’s baby in a corner.

Ok so Dean didn’t punch his grandpa (because he’s f*cking classy), but he did pull a gun on him. Proceeding this Dean, Sam and Gpa went to investigate this secret cult society that appeared to be non-existent, but we all know that shit was a metaphor for whats to come. That’s what I love about this show, they keep re-inventing plots and keep everything original. I wish I could sit in that writer’s room for five minutes and absorb the genius that is their wit. But enough about my aspirations…Sam got kidnapped by Abaddon, and so Dean and Henry devised a badass plan to save him, without giving into Abaddon’s demands (giving up the mystery box). Henry decided to carve the devil’s trap into the tip of a bullet (PS-the devils trap is that hot tattoo Dean and Sam have tattooed on them. *swoon*), and then shoot it at Abaddon. How brilliant is that?! The idea worked, and they were able to stop Abaddon from using her super-charged demon powers.

Oh yeah, Abaddon is some sort of prophet of Lucifer (ironic yes) and can bring about the end of the world, blah blah…it brought the whole Lilith plot full circle. Sam and Dean chopped up Abaddon into little pieces after they decapitated her, and then gave a proper burial to their grandpa. Henry kept talking about how they were, “legacies”, of this whole cult-thing, and how hunters were just savages they took information from them and did all the dirty work. I don’t know if this whole cult is still around, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Do you think that John even knew this cult existed? He was like five years old when his dad disappeared, so who knows. Let’s look at the positive, though; it leaves a whole lot of story for another season. #holla. Season 8 is exceeding any and all expectations, and I had mine pretty high because SPN is that awesome.

What do you guys think? Will we hear more about this cult? Will Sam and Dean take their shirts off soon? Check out next week’s preview and leave your comments below! #fangsout



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