So that was one of the funniest Supernatural episodes EVER. I am ranking that one with 3×11, “Mystery Spot.” Remember when Dean dies and Sam relives Tuesday like a bizillion times? “These tacos taste funny to you? *HEAT OF THE MOMENT*

Yeah, good shit. This episode was on that level. Dean and Sam investigate a LARPing case (Live Action Role Play for you peeps that aren’t as nerdy as me.) Turns out the Queen of the LARP is Charlie aka now Carrie aka Felicia Day. Remember the cute red-headed lesbian hacker? She’s awesome. Now let’s get down to the dirty deets.

The Quick Overview: Sam really played big brother in this episode. He needed to keep himself busy and not think about Amelia and the normal life he left behind. While Dean wanted to let loose and hit up some bars, Sam got a call from Garth about a case. #buzzkill. Sam and Dean play FBI (of course) and interview someone who was a fellow LARPer to a man who mysterious died in his bed (he was pulled limb from limb by an invisible horseman-DA FUCQUE). Sam and Dean seem to be getting nowhere until the man they are interviewing starts spitting up blood and WHAMO! Dies. #awesome. Apparently some Celtic tree tattoo showed up on these jokers and some dark fairy magic either hurt them severely or killed them. One of the fellow LARPers was plotting all of these mass murders so he could…rule? Considering the Queen’s Court had to coordinate with the local Park’s Department in order to hold a joust session, I would say that is a little extreme. But hey, I’ve never had a fairy to do my bidding. Pretty sure I would just have cast a spell to make Dean be by boyfriend for life, and not try and take over the enchanted forest or whatever they called it. I mean, just look at that face:

Right. Anyways, this episode was not necessary to the main plot of this season (Kevin decoding the demon tablet), but they did reference that this was actually taking place. What was best about this episode was that Dean was actually a wannabe LARPer, and at the end of the episode after he and Sam saved the day, he got to play out every man’s dream: play out Mel Gibson’s speech scene from ‘Braveheart’. I’m a girl, and I even think that’s badass. He even wore a wig, too. Yeah, it was awesome.

This one will definitely go down as one of the best of all eight seasons. Watch it again on the CW website before tonight’s new episode!




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