Being Human Recap – 3×03 “The Teens They Are A Changin'”

Being Human Syfy 3x03

Anyone else think this season is shaping up to be the best one yet? Seriously, the episodes are just getting better and better. The only thing that pisses me off is that we only get 13 episodes instead of like, 22. Maybe next year the show can be renewed for more episodes. Pretty please? In last night’s episode, Nora and Josh gave a newbie werewolf a rump roast on a rope, Sally completely destroyed someone’s life (and after-life) and Aidan failed to save Henry from the plague. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.


BH1Aidan: Just a little fun fact about Aidan. He likes to play chess in the park on Sundays. See? Just your average guy. NOT! He leads his chess partner into an alley so that he and Henry could feed on him, but old dude sneezes right in Henry’s face. That’s so f*cking unsanitary. Henry is still pissed that Aidan let his vanilla-scented honey (Emma) go, leaving him with no reliable food source. But as pissed as he is at Aidan, it doesn’t seem like he wants to leave him. Aidan asks Josh if he’ll screen his patients at the hospital to see if they’ve had the flu because he can’t find clean blood. Josh brings up the whole dead girls fiasco in Aidan’s room, telling him he doesn’t want that to happen again. Low blow Josh! That was like, TWO years ago. Can we please get over that already? People make mistakes. Aidan is trying to keep Henry calm, but Henry eventually feeds on someone in the hospital and catches the plague. The plague has two noticeable effects. 1) It makes your face look like a piece of Applebee’s blackened chicken. 2) It causes you to have no freaking filter, because he was straight shitty to Aidan. “Everyone who loves you, dies.” Ouch. Henry and Aidan sit downtown and Henry basically tells Aidan he needs to realize he’s a fucking vamper, not a human, and walks away from him presumably to die alone. No!! I love Henry.

Dammit Henry. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to you. Aidan I need to talk to you. Are you listening? I know you want to prove to everyone, and yourself, that your humanity is still intact and that you can handle your shit, but you have to realize that you’re a damn vampire. You’re a badass creature of that night, and you need blood to survive. You can’t really get around that. You pretty much killed Henry because even though what he was doing was unethical, it was his only means of survival. You let that bitch go and then you’re just like, “Naw, it’s cool Henry. I got your back, son.” But you didn’t! I’m sure you feel bad about this, but I’m going to need you to figure out a way to maintain your humanity AND stay alive. Ok, thanks.

BH7Sally: Sally, you are the angel of death girlfriend. I’m still going to suggest that you move out-of-town so you can live a normal life without worrying about killing someone when you’re on your way to buy groceries or feeding ducks in the park. Anyway, Sally goes to the memorial home and sees ghost-Trent standing over his dead body. Sally has to confess to him that she was once a ghost and the reason he’s dead is because of her. She wants to make things right and suggests helping him get his door. When she asks if there is something he needs to make peace with, he tells her that he was engaged. Scandalous! Sally says she’ll help and goes to the memorial home and her convo with his fiance is pretty much like this:

Sally: “Hi. Your fiance cheated on you with me the night he died.”

Fiance: “Say what bitch?”

Sally: “But he loved you. You still suck your thumb.”

Fiance: “Wow! I do suck my thumb. It’s all good, because I was cheating on him for the last year.”

Sally: “Oh”

Fiance: “Thanks girl. You’re the best.”

Awkward as f*ck. Trent tells Sally to go fly a kite and when he’s alone, his “door” appears. Oh, happy day! Not so fast. He walks through the door and into the witch, Donna’s, soup kitchen and she shreds him. WHAT? I was waiting for her to come back into play. Now we just have to wait to find out why she licked up a pile of ghost ashes. Warning to all the people eating at the soup kitchen tomorrow: That is NOT a new spice in your pea soup. It’s f*cking shredded ghost guts.

Oh, and we met Max at the memorial home who looked like he was sweet on Sally! I’m sure this will end well. NOT!

BH8Nora & Josh: Josh and Sally are frantically calling around, looking for Nora at the beginning of the episode when she walks in. She tells Josh they have a major problem because the twins’ dad is looking for answers. This is really the least of their problems right now though, because Josh comes across a teenage girl at the hospital who’s complaining she has an infected wound. She describes the “dog” that attacked her and shows him the scratch. F*ck. She’s going to be a werewolf. The girl’s case-worker/foster home person (I have no idea) shows up and tells the girl she’s taking her back, but Nora steps up and says they are keeping her at the hospital. Look at Nora, being all maternal. She convinces Josh to bring the girl to the house so they can help her through her first full moon. I’m confused though. Didn’t Nora JUST change a couple of days ago? Are there two full moons in January? Someone, please tell me if I’m missing something and remind me to Google “lunar cycle” later. Once the girl is at their house, Josh takes the very blunt approach of telling her she’s going to be a werewolf. Obviously, she doesn’t believe them until he pops in his transition home video. Here’s my concern. Why was that tape hanging out downstairs by the TV? Doesn’t that seem weird? Family movie night!

Josh and Nora take the girl to the woods and Josh is packing heat just in case. Josh stays in his car to make sure everything goes down alright and Nora and the girl head into the woods to prep for their transition. On a serious note, this scene was beautiful. The girl was terrified and Nora was so tender as she talked her through it and tried to comfort her. It showed complete vulnerability and then BAM! the girl transitioned before Nora did and went for Josh. My heart starting racing and I may have screamed at the top of my lungs… and maybe cried a little. Ok, I did.

It just really stressed me out! Luckily, Nora transitioned and Josh witnessed them getting “acquainted” (I don’t know how to describe it) with one another’s wolf. It reminded me of when my dog meets a new dog and they spend the first 5 minutes sniffing each other’s asses to get “acquainted” and then they are besties. I guess it’s a canine thing.

Side note: Josh ended up giving Aidan the name of a clean patient at the hospital, proving that Henry’s little speech must have affected him more than he let on. Aidan tells Josh, “Don’t worry dude. Nothing will go wrong,” which really means, “Get ready dude. I’m about to f*ck shit up.”


This show is amazing! It’s the perfect mix of suspense, action and comedy. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a show where I actually care for and love each of the characters. Next week, Aidan goes on a blood binge, feeding on people without knowing whether or not they’re infected. This is probably his way of grieving over Henry’s death and dealing with the fact he couldn’t save him. What did you guys think about the episode? Are Sally and this Max guy going to be a “thing”? How long will this new werewolf girl last and who do you think scratched her? How the hell is Aidan going to find a reliable, long-term blood source? Did Donna just have a hankering for some ghost remains or is she up to something seriously dark? Sound off with your thoughts! Until next time… #FangsOut



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