The Vampire Diaries Episode Synopsis: 4×14 “Down The Rabbit Hole”

This episode of TVD will air Thursday February 14, 2013, and was written by Jose Molina (love him) and directed by Chris Grismer (love him too). I have really high hopes for this episode, not that I’m ever let down. Let’s go on down the rabbit hole and discuss the synopsis for this episode.

Our crew is still in Nova Scotia in this episode. Damon will have a run-in with a new character. His name is Vaughn (played by Charlie Bewley) and he’s one of The Five. The last thing these guys need is another hunter to deal with. We can also expect to see some interaction between ex-lovers, Stefan and Elena. Stefan will confess “his true feelings about the possibility of becoming human again to Elena.” Aw shit! I have an inkling this will be one of those scenes that make us cry our eyes out. I’m mentally preparing myself now.

Also, while they’re on the island, a shocking revelation regarding the cure is discovered that “raises the stakes for everyone.” Apparently, Jeremy will be helping Bonnie figure out “what is real and what is an illusion.” What? She’s going to be hallucinating or something? Maybe all that expression is messing with her head. Or MAYBE Shane has hypnotized her again. We know he can do that. Bonnie’s supposed to be the grounded, level-headed one of the bunch so this should be interesting.

We’re introduced to another new character, Catilin (played by Camille Guaty), in this episode who will be comforting Shane. Where the hell did this girl come from? Why is she comforting Shady Shane? We know she’s from his past, so I automatically don’t like her, but we’ll see. Why does he even need comforting?

Back in the Falls, Tyler and Caroline are trying to decipher the code on the Hunter’s sword, but realize they need Klaus’ help in order to do so. I’d imagine Klaus and Tyler working together could get quite awkward, since Klaus killed Ty’s mom and all… and has been attempting to steal his girlfriend. Klaus has his own reasons for trying to translate the code, which I’m sure are anything but honorable.

Note: Claire Holt also stars, so we know she’s not daggered in a box somewhere. I’m guessing she’s still in Nova Scotia with the gang.

What do you guys think about this synopsis? What are Klaus’ real motives and who is this Caitlin girl from Shane’s past? Sound off with your thoughts and predictions. #FangsOut



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2 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Episode Synopsis: 4×14 “Down The Rabbit Hole”

  1. Rosie

    I thought Caitlin’s character has been already introduced as Shane’s dead wife (who also happened to be a witch) Well, it was either that it was, or this is a sign I need to cut down to only one bottle of wine when watching the show. I’ve been noticing later that one bottle was not enough to handle all that shit, but from now on, it would have to do…like you say #noshit

    1. teamtsd Post author

      Haha. You are right. We saw her as Shane’s dead wife in the well. It makes me wonder why she was in the official synopsis for next week episode (4×14). Hmm… I guess we’ll be seeing her again in one form or another.


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