Save The Supes – Liam McClean


First things first. I don’t know if his last name is McClean or McClain so don’t come at me if it’s wrong. You know who I’m freaking talking about regardless.

I know some of you might be a little bit pissed off right now at Liam, since he came at Nora for answers and they are missing from the storage unit now, but let’s pause for a moment. I want to point some things out that you might be too blind with rage to realize on your own. Let’s not write the dude off just yet. Here are four reasons you should cut Liam some slack.

1. Mental Instability: I can only assume that seeing your son’s head plastered on a wall would be a complete mind f*ck. If this happened to a normal person in the real world, they would need years of extensive therapy and even then they’d never get that image out of their head. At first, I was all “Boohoo. Stop your whining,” but I think it’s just because I’m used to seeing dead animals mounted on walls and his son just looked like something I’ve seen in my grandpa’s basement like, a million times. When you stop and think about it though, that was his SON! His child! What if they mounted his f*cking cabesa in human form on their wall? We’d probably be a little more understanding about his meltdown then… and we probably would have puked in our mouths a little. Just imagine that shit. Ew! This is getting weird, and frankly a little morbid, so let’s move on.

2. Great Father: This dude is a great father. Haven’t you guys ever seen the movie “Taken”? Liam (See? Same freaking name.) Neeson slaughtered the shit out of some people who took his daughter and did we hate him for it? Hell no! Because he was being a good parent. Let’s cut Liam a little slack for going after Nora for answers. Don’t kid youself. If you got murdered by some vampires, you’d want your dad to avenge your death too. This dude deserves the truth and if he has to knock some heads to get it, then so be it.

3. Xander Berkeley: I missed this dude so much. He was Percy in Nikita and when he got killed off, I went into hiding for like a week (more like I cried under my covers for 30 seconds, but whatever). He’s such a boss. I’m stoked I get to see him on my TV again and in one of my favorite shows.

4. He’s a Werewolf: We need more werewolves on this show. Why? Because I f*cking love werewolves. That’s why. Also, this dude is a purebred and he’s been around a lot longer than Josh, Nora or even Brynn and Connor. He might be able to reveal more about the curse and/or the cure. I want someone to drop some more werewolf knowledge on me, and Liam may be my guy. He seriously looks wise as f*ck so hopefully he can share some werewolf history with us.

So, you see? He’s not such a bad guy. In fact, he’s just like you and me. He’s just your typical dad, going on a journey to uncover who decapitated his werewolf son and kill whoever’s responsible. We’ve all been there! Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to give Liam a chance, or at least convinced you that his actions are 100% rational in light of his current circumstance. I’m just crossing my fingers that he lasts at least one whole season because I love this dude! Comment and share your thoughts, hopes and dreams for Liam. #FangsOut



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