Being Human Recap – 3×02 “(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”


Aidan’s back bitches! AND he finally got to take a shower and shave, so he’s looking much more like he belongs in the land of the living… even though he is eternally dead. I am going to miss that sweet beard, though. Sally looked amazing in her human body and went out for a night on the town, but not without consequence. Xander Berkeley’s awesomeness made its first appearance as Liam, the father of the full bread werewolf twins, and he headed straight to Nora for answers. That didn’t go so well either. Plus, we got to see Aidan’s vampire son, Henry, again. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

NUP_150536_0027-290x290Aidan: The trio’s reunion when they went to pick him up at the phone booth (didn’t know those things still existed) was heart-warming as shit. Seriously, I may or may not have teared up a little bit. Okay, I did. It’s just that I’ve missed them so much! Aidan looked absolutely horrible and he’s obviously skeptical about the fact Sally’s rocking her corpse-bod now. Side note: Did no one notice a bearded, bloody man walking/limping down the street like he was about two seconds away from keeling over? You know SOMEONE saw that shit. People these days. Anyway, when he hugged Sally, it took him a second to realize that she was not a ghost anymore and he seemed really freaking confused. This was pretty much his face:

Dabbling in dark magic never ends well and Aidan probably knows this since he has been around awhile. Aidan goes on a search for some clean blood because he’s literally starving. Then, in a baby-blood dark alley deal gone wrong, he gets sneak attacked by a pack of werewolves. Then, a person from his past saves him. Enter HENRY! His progeny. Henry’s gone totally f*cking psycho. He’s managed to stay alive, unlike the other vampires, by keeping a woman in his home and using her as his own personal blood bag and never allowing her to leave the house. He offers her up for dinner but Aidan is disgusted that Henry keeps her there as a prisoner. Good call Aidan. It’s really freaking creepy. Aidan ends up letting the girl out himself, causing Henry to shoulder check him and basically say, “F*ck you. We’re both going to die. Deuces.” Where the hell is Aidan going to get blood now?

SallySally: Homegirl is ready to get down and have a good time. Sally, I’m all for you living it up now that you are in the realm of the living and no longer in that f*cking sweater, but do you really think it’s a good idea for you to go out in public in the same town you lived in pre-death? Why don’t you go out a few towns (or states) over, you know? I mean, you are living in the EXACT SAME house that you lived in with Danny and you know you’re going to run into someone. But nope! Sally doesn’t care. She’s ready to rock and she goes out anyway.

Sure as shit, Sally runs into an old friend, Trent. She tells him that she had to fake her own death to get away from Danny. Totally believable, right? Well, this dill hole believes it. Even though he didn’t come in the house at the end of the night, she still broke Donna’s rule of seeing someone from her past. Josh and Sally see Trent’s dead body the next morning across the street from their house. Well, at least we know what happens now. If you ever want a normal life Sally, you might want to try moving somewhere else. Just saying.

NUP_150536_0109-290x290Josh: He deserves the boyfriend of the year award. Every full moon, he sits outside Nora’s storage unit while she changes. That’s f*cking romantic. But seriously, they are such an amazing couple. He even tells Sally on their night out that he wants to marry Nora. Not only is he an awesome boyfriend, but he’s a great friend. He tries to keep Sally from taking Trent back to the house and boinking him, telling her he’s not even sure if her “reanimated” body can do those thing. That’s so sweet. For the first time in years, Josh roams around at night just because he can. In the morning, he tells Sally he’s going to let Nora out and propose to her but when he gets there, there’s a gaping hole in the storage unit door and she’s nowhere in sight. Shit! 

Being Human - Season 3Liam/Nora: Liam is Brynn and Connor’s father, and obviously a werewolf as well. So, Liam is just being a good dad and looking for his children when he stumbles upon a vampire coven and sees his son’s wolf-head mounted on their wall like a f*cking trophy. Liam basically goes ape shit, killing them all and vows to find whoever did this to his son. Ruh-roh! Our Scooby gang might be in some trouble because this dude is straight pissed. So, he’s coming after Nora for answers because he knows she ran with Brynn. Can you blame the guy? He shows up at her storage unit just before she’s about to change. Nora gives him some half-ass answer about the “were”abouts (see what I did there?) of Brynn and Connor, and Liam decides they’ll change together thinking that will get the truth out of her. Apparently, the storage unit can’t handle two wolves. Good to know. Where the hell are they now? Somewhere naked, bleeding and covered in their own fecal matter. Ew! That’s so unsanitary. Find her Josh!

That episode was seriously amazing. Next week we’ll see Henry telling Aidan he’s not down with starvation, Sally apologizing to Trent’s ghost and Josh and Nora breaking it to some rando girl that she’s going to be a werewolf. Sound off with your thoughts, comments and predictions. Until next time… #Fangsout



Music from 3×02 “(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

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