I know what you are all thinking: how is this a doll fail? Well, we thought the same thing at first. Then, TeamTSD split a box of wine and it all started coming together. This #dollfail is creepy and way too realistic and jank at the same time. Let’s dissect this for just a minute:

Look at the rippling muscles. Does he actually have stretch marks and scar tissue? Yes, yes he does. And look at the under-eyes for crying out loud! He actually has the same facial lines and wrinkles as Norman Reedus. You know what else is f*cked up? Check out his wrist and and elbow. You can TOTALLY tell that this doll is made of like 10 separate pieces. They didn’t even try to cover it up! What kind of doll maker molds a face so masterful one would think it was a cast member from Honey I Shrunk the Kids, but then doesn’t do the same for the joints? I mean really. It’s called consistency people! It’s like they spent so much time on the head and skin, they were like, “yeah, no one will notice his joints look like tinker toys.” #areyouf*ckingkiddingme. Back to the face. Dolls are called dolls for a reason. Because the look like DOLLS. NOT THE ACTUAL HUMAN. They are reminiscent of the person, but they aren’t a freaking Madame Tussaud wax figure. Those are completely separate things. There’s a museum for that shit.

Lets be honest. There is no way to shame the greatness that is Daryl Dixon, so we may have been a little harsh, but you better believe we are going to hold him to the highest standard possible. When you don’t live up to that standard, we are going to call your ass out. We’ll just toss this up to yet ANOTHER unfortunate case of #dollfail.



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