Being Human – First 4 Minutes of 3×02 “(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”


Voilà! Here are the first 4 minutes of tonight’s episode for all you impatient people out there (like me). This episode looks like it’s going to be *insane in the membrane*. The pure bread werewolf guy’s dad goes ape shit on a house full of vampires who have his son’s head mounted on their wall. Yikes! Can I just say that Xander Berkeley’s character in Nikita (Percy) was my favorite and I was so sad when he was killed off? It’s amazing that I get to see his lovely face on another one of my favorite shows now. This guy is the shit. Can we just give Sam Witwer an Emmy for his side-of-the-road performance already? Aidan looks like straight shit, but ALAS! he found some blood. Booyah! He’s going to make it. Last by not least, all my wildest dreams have come true because SALLY IS NOT WEARING THAT DAMN SWEATER ANYMORE! She looks fierce as hell. She got to run to the mall, pick up a hair curler, some Bare Minerals makeup and a new T-shirt! Get it girl!! I cannot wait for tonight’s episode to air. Check out the first 4 minutes below:

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