Just being a boss leaning against a tree in period attire. #nobigs

Just being a boss leaning against a tree in naval-period attire. #nobigs

I feel like something is coming up soon…hmm…I can’t put my finger on it…ugh…um…OH YEAH-IT’S THE RETURN OF SUPERNATURAL! #BOOYAHBITCHES! In order to get y’all pumped and ready to rock, TeamTSD is doing a Save the Supes. This time we are saving…Benny Lafitte! (Yeah I had no idea his last name was Lafitte, either. That was just a result of a Google search.) Regardless, Benny is the shit and a tortured soul who is daily fighting the urge to rip human’s throats out. AKA, we love him. Let’s dive into why you should totally love Benny as much as TeamTSD does:

1. He is unconventionally hot. If you’re 15 and you love this man, then you are right on target. If you’re my age (which is cough, cough older than 15) and you think he’s hot, then you’re like every other adult woman/fierce gay man on the planet. Observe:

“Oh hey…sup girl.”

That shit’s even in black and white to class it up. #itscalledbeingclassy

2. He broods. Brooding is hot. Especially when you’re a hundred year old vamp with an eternal 5 o’clock stubble. He fights evil, and he can do it forever. Imagine Dean as a “saved” vampire, with a husky voice and two feet taller. *i die*

3. He’s badass. He took on an entire coven BY HIMSELF. He went rogue Kate-Beckinsale-Underwood-Style on their ass, and they weren’t just your average vamps. They were like million-year old vampire royalty, and one of them was his freaking MAKER. Then, after he slices and dices those jokers like a waiter at Benihana (pun-intended), he discovered that they turned the love of his life, and he had to kill her, too! What does he do after that? Brood for a hot minute then try to re-build his life. Can I marry him, please?

4. He won an award. Benny won an award for best new character on an established show. The only thing cooler than that is winning two People’s Choice Awards…

5. …He’s on a show that wins awards. Supernatural won TWO People’s Choice Awards, one of which was a win for the second year in a row (for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show). #ballerstatus

“Second year in a row…yes!”

6. He’s a family man. He went back to his town of origin and took up shop in a local diner where his great-great-great-great granddaughter waitresses. He then saved her life when that crazy hunter-mofo Martin threatened to kill her unless he killed himself. Why didn’t he just kill himself? Because he deserves better than that! Also, as a woman (who also has waitress-ed at a diner: Bob Evans in high school) I would not want to see my vampire ancestor beheaded Game of Thrones style on the same counter where the local retirees have their coffee every morning. #justsaying

                               Ned losing his head. #notcool

Still not convinced? Well then screw you, because he rocks. Just kidding, I don’t hate you. But really, it’s f*cked up if you don’t love this guy. Are you guys pumped for Supernaturals 2013 return?! What do you love about Benny?! Comment below! #fangsout

“Yeah, girl, I’ll make you a meatloaf.”

“I may make Denver omelettes for a living, but don’t f*ck with me, bitch.”




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