Being Human Recap – 3×01 “It’s A Shame About Ray”

3x01Being Human just blew my damn mind. I am so incredibly glad that the show is back on Syfy. I can barely comprehend what just happened in the season premiere. All I know is Josh handled crustaceans, Sally wanted to make out with Bishop and Aidan tried to give up on life. Oh, wait. Those were all just Aidan’s hallucinations. Well, he probably really does want to give up on life. In the real world, Josh and Nora visited a soup kitchen and tried to figure out a way to bring Sally back. In limbo-land, Sally was stuck hanging out with Stevie and Nick (so it was pretty much like hell). Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

3x01.3Aidan: What can we say about Aidan in this episode? He’s more of the strong silent type. Get it? Because he barely talked. No? Ok, moving on. The episode began with Aidan, Josh and Sally talking in their kitchen. However, it was just one of Aidan’s hallucinations. Cut to Aidan, bearded the f*ck out in his coffin. I have to say that he looked really great for starving in a coffin underground for 15 months. Some creep named Mickey unearthed Aidan and put a Silence of the Lambs-esque contraption over his mouth. Observe:


See? Same thing. We saw this Mickey joker taking his blood and then BAM! Atlee showed up looking like shit and saved Aidan. He was driving Aidan “to safety” and explained to him that there is some kind of disease that’s infected all the human blood and Mother and the others have either died or fled. It was hard to concentrate on what Atlee was saying because I was honestly just marveling at Aidan’s beard. The gist of it though, is that the vampire race is f*cked. Best scene of the episode = Aidan’s hallucination in the car where he saw Bishop (Mark Pellegrino rocks), Sally and Josh. Sally tried to warn Aidan and told him to blow his rape whistle. Ha! Oh, Sally. You make me laugh. Atlee got hungry and tried to feed on Aidan thinking that his blood was “pure” but it actually just turned him into a pile of ash and the car crashed. What the hell is going on? The show ended with me crying my eyes out because Team Being Human showed Aidan dying and helpless on the side of the road with one of my favorite songs playing in the background. Listen to this shit again and think of that scene:

Did you just puke all over yourselves while lying in a puddle of your own tears again? Yeah, me too. Serious note: The fact that Aidan is envisioning Sally and Josh as a way of fighting to stay alive says a lot about his love for them. They aren’t just friends, they are family.

3x01.2Josh & Nora: First, there’s something I want to get off my chest. Josh… I love you. “Were” have you been all my life? If things go south with Nora, call me. Phew! I feel better. So, Nora and Josh aren’t going to accept that Sally is just gone. When the lady from last season that exorcised Sally’s ghost came to their front door (yes, they live together in the apartment now), they got some intel on how they can bring her back. So, off they went to meet Donna who does all of her secret witchy joojoo in the back of her soup kitchen. Donna asked for $2,000 to work her magic. I don’t know how you can blame her for asking for cash. That soup kitchen is in dire need of some remodeling, and maybe a new cook. Money’s not all she asked for. She needed the heart of someone Josh has killed. Josh was basically like “Excellent. I just killed someone last year and I buried him myself in the middle of the woods so I know where to get the heart.” Josh and Nora went to dig up Ray and get Sally’s human body from her grave. Donna did her wizardry and gave Sally’s corpse one hell of a mud wrap. Whoah! But not so fast. When the “life raft” was extended to Sally she brought Stevie and Nick on board with her. No, no, no. Not Stevie Nicks! Stevie and Nick. This is bad.

Here’s my theory about Josh and Nora and their states of werewolf-ness. Josh killed Ray and on the full moon, Nora changed but Josh didn’t. I think that either 1) Nora is going to scratch him again somehow and he’ll turn back or 2) Josh killing Ray broke the “curse” of having to turn on a full moon but didn’t “cure” him of being a werewolf. What if it has just allowed him to control when he turns? Did I just blow your mind?

Yeah. You’re welcome. I could be, and probably am, wrong about this but just in case I’m not, I want to go ahead and say that I called that shit.

Being HumanSally: Sally was stuck in limbo-land pretty much the whole episode. By the way, props to the crew at Being Human that made limbo look so badass. The effects were amazing and it was portrayed in such a cool way. Remember Nick and Stevie from previous seasons? Well, Sally’s been hanging out with them in limbo and they are some serious Debbie downers. They were discouraging Sally from trying to get out of limbo. Every time Sally arrived at the “apartment door”, no one was there to greet her but she kept trying anyway. It’s called #perseverance people. When the apartment door opened (because Nora and Josh were trying to bring her back), Sally invited Stevie and Nick through also. Dammit Sally! See what you get for being so nice to people all the time? My first thought when Sally woke up in her body was seriously, “YES! Sally’s going to get a new wardrobe and a fierce blowout.” I hope in the next episode Sally goes on a shopping spree at Saks and has a spa day. I think she deserves it, don’t you?

Being Human - Season 3Donna: Listen lady. I don’t know what you’re up to, but it doesn’t look good. Why were you out in the woods looking for Ray’s body? Are you trying to bring him back? I’m going to need you to stop plotting to do whatever it is that you are plotting to do, like now. Thanks.




The season premiere was, in a nut shell, epic. Executive producer Anna Fricke wasn’t lying when she said that everything was going to be “flipped on its head” (you can watch that interview here). This show is so good at taking you from laughing, to biting your nails, to crying in a matter of minutes and it always leaves you wanting more. A super high-five to the writers on this show.

This episode left me with so many questions. How is Aidan going to feed if all the human blood is infected? Could zombie Sally be his own personal blood bag? What is going to happen with Stevie and Nick? Is Josh really not a werewolf anymore? Why is Donna doing creepy shit in the woods? Can Josh and Nora please get married? I NEED TO KNOW! I’ll be stressed out until the next episode airs and I get some answers. Leave your comments, thoughts and predictions. #FangsOut



Sneak Peek of Next Week’s Episode

2 thoughts on “Being Human Recap – 3×01 “It’s A Shame About Ray”

  1. duckhunter1

    Well everything was flipped except for nora since I knew she would be exactly like Nina to Josh anger. Everything else was excellent


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