TeamTSD straight up LOVES Teen Wolf, and while we are still pissed at the fact Colton Haynes won’t be returning this season (he’s joining the CW’s hit breakout show Arrow), we can’t help but be excited to see Derek, Stiles, Scott and cast get back to work. The video below is HILARIOUS, and proves again that this cast might be the coolest, most tight-knit cast out there. Tyler Hoechlin looks hot in his tight shirts, Tyler Posey beefed up and got a nice haircut, and Stiles just looks cuter than ever (as usual). We also see Holland Roden’s (Lydia) fierceness, and Crystal Reed (Allison) rock a fierce ombre’ cut. I was scared that JR Bourne, who plays Allison’s dad, wouldn’t be returning since he is on the hit ABC show Revenge, but my doubts soon washed away as I saw hot Daddy Argent shooting in the vid below looking like a straight boss.

Oh yeah, and Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien read fan letters. Could they be anymore amazing? *sigh*

PS-Not an exact premiere date has been released yet, but season 3 is slated for summer 2013. How pumped are you guys?! 24 episodes?! HOLLA! #fangsout

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