Dear Journal,

Elena basically told me to f*ck off in the middle of a grassy area outside the Miss Mystic Pageant IN FRONT OF MY BROTHER! What is that shit? Can you say “embarrassing”? After everything we’ve been through, she pulls that move? I wanted to knock her out. Just straight punch her in the face, but I chose to walk away. Don’t want to go off the Ripper rails again. Plus, I try not to hit women unless it’s Katherine. Speaking of bitches, where has she been? I’m sure she’ll pop back up when she needs something.

I know that Elena’s angry because I just potentially ruined Jeremy’s life forever in order to save hers, but who could have known he’d turn into a psycho hunter so quickly? I thought it would be a slower process. Guess not though because he daggered her in the neck today. How can she blame me though? We need him to grow that invisi-tat NOW! Klaus is all over my ass about it too. I can’t just give up the quest for the cure. It seems like I’m always stuck between a moonstone and a hard place.

Then, get this shit, I had to move out of my damn house and go hang out at Caroline’s because Elena can’t live in her house because her brother’s trying to kill her (whoops, my bad) and she’s moving into mine temporarily. MY HOUSE. I could have stayed, but that would have been awkward. I wonder what she’s doing right now. Probably drinking Sprite and crying into her pillow in my room alone wishing I was there with her. Yeah, I bet that’s what she’s doing.

Here’s the icing on the shittiest damn cake ever (that’s a metaphor for my day). Caroline realized that Elena is sired to Damon. SIRED?!! Is this even possible? What’s more surprising is the fact that Caroline put this together all by herself. Totally didn’t expect that. I shouldn’t talk shit about her though. She is letting me stay at her house.




*In case you didn’t pick up on the fact this wasn’t really written by Stefan Salvatore, this wasn’t really written by Stefan Salvatore.* – TeamTSD

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