The Vampire Diaries 4x11

First of all, you already know what my first thought was when reading this episode title:

Leo in Catch Me If You Can

Sorry. I just had to add a little Leonardo Decaprio from one of the best movies EVER! Let’s move on to the actual synopsis of TVD 4×11. The episode airs on January 24, 2012 and was directed by John Dahl and written by Brian Young & Michael Narducci (for those of you who like knowing that shit, like me).

Jeremy is going to get really pissed off at Klaus when he puts Matt’s life in danger in an effort to control him. Oh, hell no! Listen Klaus. I love you. I’m actually borderline obsessed with you, but you do NOT mess with Matty Boy. Look out though Klaus, because Damon is coaching Jer on how to take out your new vampires. Gotta grow that tat! However, Kol is already all over killing Klaus’ vampires and he’ll also be on a campaign to try to stop everyone from looking for the cure. Thank you Kol! I really don’t want anyone to turn back into a human. Vampires are SO much more fun.

Now that Rebekah’s back, she needs an ally and she sets her sights on Stefan. Will he be open to forming an alliance with her? He doesn’t have much else going on in his life now that Elena has ripped his heart out and chosen Damon. Plus, these two did have quite the relationship back in the day.

Then there’s that pesky Professor Shane. Sheriff Forbes and the new Mayor (Rick Worthy) start to question Shane about his involvement in the explosion that killed members of the Founder’s Council. Did Damon put this notion in their heads? We know he’s been pinning the explosion on Shane all along.

Then we have Elena who is negotiating with… Klaus? Yes, it’s true. However, it’s all to keep Jeremy safe. What she doesn’t plan on though, is an unexpected enemy cropping up, causing her to form her own plan for Jeremy. Could Elena be stepping up and taking matters into her own hands? I hope so. It’s time to see her be a fierce woman and make her own decisions.

What are your thoughts on this episode and what it means for our Mystic Falls crew? Who is the unexpected enemy and is there a chance we’ll see some sort of relationship form between Stefan and Rebekah?



Source: KSITE TV

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