Ok y’all, so A LOT has happened these past few months with our Winchester Hotties, and they are about to return (thank God) after a cliff-hanger of a mid-season finale. Let’s take a quick step back and rehash what DA FUCQUE went down, and where our main characters stand.

Sam: So he sort-of stalked his ex-girlfriend while she was sharing a brew with her undead war-vet hubby. This sort-of screams serial killer, but he had good intentions. Sam received a false tip from Dean (a distraction tactic), and as Dean suspected, Sam believed him and ran to Amelia’s rescue. This introduces two major stories for the rest of season 8:

1) Amelia. Flashbacks of this mess of ringlets (literally) have been mentally tormenting Sam since the beginning of the season. It isn’t a secret that this chick is his weakness, and a vulnerable Sam can be trouble – especially when you’re a Hunter. She is his kryptonite, and that’s not a good thing when you need to keep you’re head in the game. There is no room for emotions! Only cheap beer and burgers! And classic rock! He hasn’t been dealing with the breakup and loneliness very well, and we’ve seen this through his current relationship with Dean, which brings me to my next point.

2) Dean. The fact that Dean played on Sam’s one weakness for his own benefit strikes a hard cord. Yes, it was for “good intentions” since Dean clearly could not get through to Sam on why Benny isn’t a bad vampire, but still. He totally messed with him, and these brothers are supposed to be 100% transparent with each other and work together. I can’t help but notice how their relationship is falling apart, and I HATE IT! UGH, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US WRITERS?!

Dean: So aside of him playing on his brother’s weakness, he is still fighting his own demons (as well as the ones trying to take over the world). Can you say STRESSED?! If you ever think your job is hard, think about that. Think about fighting crazy-ass jokers with devil horns, trying to take over your effing body and do evil shit. Think about fighting those off of yourself, AND trying to save other people…WHILE NOT EVEN GETTING PAID. Think about that before you knock Dean for lying to Sam. Dean is the older brother, and he is only trying to look out for everyone’s best interests. Life sucks, and he’s trying to make it better (for everyone). Let the guy have his six-pack and burgers, and give him a break. His brother is going through an early life crisis, his bestie is a saved-vampire who was forced to murder someone who was trying to kill his great-great-great-great granddaughter, and he still hasn’t had time to rehab from escaping Purgatory. Now I am exhausted. MOVING ON.

Benny: Well for Pete’s sake! You can’t just use some super-speedy-supernatural-shit and pull the weapon out of your granddaughter’s captor’s hand and move on?! I hate situations like this, because I can’t hate you for what you did. You straight massacred that mother effer, and I want to be mad at you for it, but that would contradict the whole “morality” thing. I mean the guy was straight CRAY, and it’s not like you really had a choice – he would have killed the both of you (probably). I just hope that you come back after this ridiculously too long hiatus and kick some ass. #truth (PS congrats on being named, “Best New Character on an Established Show“!) #boss


Kevin and his Mom: Stop being little bitches and just accept the help you are given FOR FREE. What part of, “the king of Hell wants to sacrifice you and use you to open the gates of Hell and bring an end to the world” do you not understand? I don’t even have words for you right now.

Castiel: OK I don’t know what DA FUCQUE is going on with you and your mind trips to a lobby that looks like an escort service, but I am getting anxious to find out. I am going to play the optimistic card and just be happy you are on the show again. #CanIGetAnAmen #PunIntended

What do you guys think will happen when the show comes back on January 16th? Will Benny be found/saved/forgiven? Will Amelia and Sam hook up? Will Castiel find out who’s mind-f*cking him?! Leave your thoughts below! #fangsout



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