1. Whenever someone yells “Katherine” on the street, I get very nervous and start walking a little faster. You never know.

2. When someone tells me I remind them of someone, my first thought is “Shit. I’m a doppelgänger.”

3. When I see someone wearing a leather jacket, I immediately strike up a conversation in hopes they are a vampire that can turn me. Being a vampire would be great for two reasons. a) Not sitting alone at home anymore on Friday nights reading 50 Shades of Grey for the 25th time and cuddling with my dogs and b) being able to compel George Clooney to date me, give me his Black Card and let me live in his mansion. BLAMMO! Doesn’t get better than that.

4. Whenever I see a crow I just stare at it, wait for the fog to roll in and softly whisper to myself, “Damon”. It’s so freaking creepy but I do it every time.

5. Whenever a Ford Fusion Hybrid car commercial comes on, I immediately think of Klaus. A car that’s half werewolf and half vampire? Huh? That’s new.

6. My first thought when I see someone wearing a scarf in the summer? “Oh, they’re definitely being used as a human blood bag. Skank!”

7. Whenever someone has a nose bleed my first thought is: Witch. My second thought: Let’s be friends.

8. When someone tells me they’ve never watched TVD before, I question their sanity. Is this a joke? Who the hell doesn’t watch TVD anyway? Loser! *condescending laugh* *pops in my Season 3 DVDs and curls up on the couch… alone*

9. I give people my Netflix login if they promise to watch TVD. If I see they’ve been watching other shows and movies besides TVD, I change my password. Is that mean?

10. I end every single night watching an episode of TVD just to ensure I have Damon or Stefan dreams. If I want Stefan dreams, I watch 3×03 “The End Of The Affair”. If I want Damon dreams, I watch 3×01 “The Birthday”. Is this obsessive/borderline insane? Just tell me.

Was this too honest? Did this just get out of control? I’m not alone, right? Share your thoughts on how TVD has impacted your life. Just remember, friend’s don’t judge.




  1. Sharon Naughton

    Is a special bonding time for my 82yr old, bedridden mother and myself. Falling for “Damon” led me to Ian Somerhalder and twitter. This led me to the IS Foundation,and a world of people with the same passions as myself. Thank You TVD

  2. lolita

    Impact my life more of less like that only more focus in damon..lol. 50 shades leads me to Ian then I have my D moment “falling for Damon” and then fall in twitter and find a lot of great fan girls like me…lol Now I’m looking the way to involve in ISF…Thanks to TVD


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