Every time Stefan cries, a fairy dies, and an angel loses it's wing.

Every time Stefan cries, a fairy dies, and an angel loses it’s wing.


So this TVD hiatus sucks. You know it, TeamTSD knows it, President Obama knows it. We tear up just thinking about it. A WHOLE MONTH?! Why do they do this to us? It’s like the CW Network knows how much we love The Vampire Diaries, so they want to make us suffer in order to love it more. They’re either the smartest people in the world or f*cking assholes. Regardless, as I was wallowing in my sorrows and YouTube-ing my favorite TVD moments, I thought I’d write a post. This post is not for the faint of heart. It’s for every shipper and #TVDFamily member. Ladies, gentlemen, and supernatural creatures, this is…the 15 saddest TVD moments. Get your bottle of wine or case of Mello Yellow, park it on the couch, and grab a box of tissues or roll of toilet paper. I won’t sugar coat it: shit’s about to get real. #yourewelcome #hurryupjanuary17th

PS-The order is based on what makes me the most emotional on a scale from bawling my eyes out to convulsing till I pass out. I know I probably missed some, so leave your suggestions below. #fangsout

15. Caroline’s dad dies. He was crazier that a kitten on crack, but it still was sad to see Miss Mystic Falls upset.

14. Elena stabs Rebekah in the back. Literally. Poor Rebekah…I wish I could say this was the only time she unearths her deepest secrets and emotional turmoil before being white-ashed, but we all know that isn’t true.

13. A-la Rebekah being white-ashed take two. “Go right ahead…laugh at the girl who loved too easily. But I would have rather of lived my life than yours, Nic. No one will EVER sit around a table telling stories about a man who couldn’t love. DO IT! LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND DO IT YOU COWARD! DO IT!” *white-ashed*

12. The entire season 2 episode 9, “Katerina”. Seriously, her life sucks. The video title will link you to the page where this video is on YouTube. Props to Chileandiva for creating a bomb-ass vid.

11. You know you cried hard at this one. PS this video will also link you to YouTube (sharing disabled). #rude

10. The first Stelena “we’re going on a break, but not really” scene. I will admit, I sort of forgot about this scene, but I cried again once I watched it. Seeing Stefan cry is like witnessing someone pour hot chocolate all over your wedding gown 10 minutes before you walk down the isle. I mean really, look at that face.

9. Elena chooses Stefan over Damon. No matter who you ship, this scene punches you in the hoo-ha.

8. Stefan calls Elena and silently cries as she tells him how much she loves him and believes in him, which ultimately leads to him crying even more.

7. Rose dies. I may like this scene better than any Delena scene (OK maybe not that much) but FOR REAL. Why is he so sweet? Seeing him do something sweet for a lover, friend, and fellow vamp makes me #losemyshit. (She came out on top, though. Being a main cast member on TV’s #1 show and all. #TheWalkingDead)

6. Damon gives Elena her necklace back. AKA, the scene where Damon’s character took a HUGE shift and became not only the hottest mother-effer on the planet, but a good guy/brother, too. *puking*

5. Grams dies. (The beginning of Bonnie’s terrible life.)

4. Jenna dies. That poor girl didn’t even get a weekend to enjoy the perks of being a vampire. #sucks

Well, shit. Let’s just throw her funeral scene in there, too.

3. The Stelena break-up scene. You all knew it was going to be on here. Don’t worry, I have even sadder ones after this. No, I’m not joking.

2. Oh don’t act like you didn’t know this was coming. I watch this shit once a week, and don’t lie and say you don’t, too. Santa’s watching, bitches, and I know you asked for TVD season 3 blu-ray so don’t start the season off wrong by getting on the naughty list. Enjoy. Or Cry. Or both.

1. Alaric dies. The bromance that is #Dalaric might be the most amazing ship on the show. Or ever. You all know I’m right. Whenever we see hints of Alaric in Jeremy growing up or Damon’s memories at the Mystic Grill bar, I can’t help but shed a tear for Ric. #RIP

***Many thanks to friends, family, and Rebecca Gundy for putting up with endless nights of tears, joy, and hysterical/uncalled-for outbursts of emotions.

11 thoughts on “TOP 15 SADDEST TVD MOMENTS

    1. teamtsd Post author

      Yah. The Dalaric scenes pretty much made us curl up on the floor in the fetal position and convulse for a solid hour in a puddle of our own tears. #DalaricForever

    1. teamtsd Post author

      You’re so right. We LOVE Lexi. Since we see her through flashbacks we almost forget she died-because she is that freaking awesome! Jenna and Alaric never come back so it’s like they are really GONE. Thanks for commenting!


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