The song that was in the 4×08 promo:

Song playing in the beginning when Damon and Elena were in his bed:

Song playing when Caroline, Elena & Bonnie were dancing around the living room:

Song playing when Damon, Stefan and Lexi were hanging out in the 40’s:

More 40’s flashback music:

Song playing during Stefan and Lexi scene:

Song playing during Damon and Elena’s conversation at the end of the episode:

And the accoustic version of it:

I don’t know when the hell these played in the episode, but I KNOW they were in there. Leave comments if you know what scenes they are from:

And a song called ‘Hooray For You’ by Felicia Carter that I can’t find on YouTube but was in a flashback scene. Here is her site where you can listen to/purchase the song:

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