He’s not a supernatural creature, but he is on a supernatural show and he’s supernaturally f*cking amazing, so here we go. At the end of the Mid-Season Finale, we saw Daryl face-to-face with his long-lost brother surrounded by a sea of people all chanting for a public execution. #GladiatorShit. If these dumb asses were ever even lucky enough to see Daryl in action, they would be wanting him to run Woodbury instead of some creepy mother f*cker who ends his nights sipping whiskey in front of fish tanks filled with walker heads and combing his dead daughter’s hair. If our Sweet Prince of the Trailer Park was killed off (and we know he won’t be), we would literally start a riot. He is the true hero of The Walking Dead, so we thought we’d share a few reasons why Daryl Dixon should be saved. Here we go.

1. F*cking Badass: Daryl is the biggest badass this side of the zombie apocalypse. He rides a boss motorcycle everywhere, he rocks a bow and arrow, he never complains, he gets shit done and he doesn’t give a shit how he dresses. Have I ever seen a grown man in a cut-off flannel or Mexican serape and thought, “Oh, boy. I’d sure like to get my hands on that fine specimen?” Nope. Sure haven’t. But Daryl is a different story. He could wear a hot pink Spandex unitard and I’d still love him. He pretty much just does what he wants, when he wants. I’ll admit that most of the time when I’m watching The Walking Dead, I don’t even know what the hell is going on because I’m just sitting there wondering how Daryl got so cool and how I can become more like him. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

2. Fatherly Love: There’s about a 75% chance that Rick will go nuts and become an absentee father again. He did see “Shane” in Woodbury in the last episode. After all he’s been through, I’m not sure how he couldn’t have some sort of brain damage. Anyway, Daryl has already exhibited superior fathering skills. How can we forget him rocking little Ass-Kicker? I was convulsing and crying into my bottle of wine from all the cuteness. Look how happy he is to be rocking that babe:

Geez! Not only has he demonstrated his infant care abilities, but he also played father to Carl while his dad was off chopping up zombies and talking to non-existent people on the telephone. He pretty much told Carl, “Life sucks. Everyone goes through some shit. One time, my mom… ummm…” I don’t really remember much else because I was just gawking at Daryl. #deadserious. Pretty much, we need Daryl to stick around and father Rick’s children should he go off the deep end again.

3. Carol: Even though Daryl is one bad mother f*cker, he definitely has a soft side as well. We typically get to see this when he’s around Carol. I’m not really sure about the dynamic of their relationship and where the writers are going with them, but they have a deep love for one another. It seemed to start when Carol lost her little girl, Sophia, in Season 2. He was so gentle towards her and supporting. He didn’t want to give up looking for Sophia. And then when Sophia’s walker ass popped out of Hershel’s barn…

Oh, sweet Jesus. What I wouldn’t give to be Carol in this moment. Then, there was the scene this season when he found her in that broom closet in the prison after he thought she was dead. Remember that shit?

UGH! He’s tender as f*ck. Doesn’t that shit just warm the cockles of your heart? She definitely brings out the best in him and Carol couldn’t bear to lose another person she loves. #TeamCaryl

4. The Gov: Let’s face the facts. The Gov is one sick and twisted dude who we grossly underestimated. He’ll stop at nothing to have complete control, and I still don’t think we know exactly what he’s up to. Plus, losing Penny and one of his eyes has probably pushed him one step closer to being certifiably insane (if that’s even possible). Way to go Michonne. While Rick and Michonne are both complete badasses, I don’t think they can take down the Gov without the help of Daryl. Daryl is a central part of Team Prison and he’s part of the reason they have been so successful in staying alive. I really think they are going to need Daryl if they have any chance of taking down the Gov.

Okay. So, saving Daryl really needs no explanation, but it sure was a f*cking release writing about how much I love him. I don’t even understand how you could feel any different. Unless you have some sort of head trama, don’t understand the concept of being a badass, are offended by cut-off shirts and unkempt hair, or are an alien watching TWD from another galaxy. We’ll leave you with some f*cking awesome gifs in case you need more convincing. #yourewelcome.


  1. Jill

    Love him!!!!! The best character on TV! I want Andrea to somehow help him AND Merle get the hell out if the arena. I don’t want Daryl to have to kill Merle to get outta there alive!! Love TWD!


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