Wabbits, Angel powers, and Sam’s depressing flashbacks encompassed last night’s Supernatural episode. The Three Musketeers took on a case where some crazy dude that gave Dean his first beer was manipulating time with…cartoons? Let’s just dive right in and get to the dirty deets of last night’s Supernatural episode:

Castiel. YES! The awesome awkwardness that is Castiel was blowing my mind all episode. He was freaking hilarious in his attempt to be a “hunter”. He tried to interrogate a kitty cat, diagnose the bladder infection of a dead guy, and he compared the road-runner cartoon to God and man. I loved every minute of it. Just when Cass decides to face his dark past and go to Heaven and fix things, he is zapped back to that damn lobby! I still don’t trust that this is the lobby of Heaven. I mean really, God doesn’t play games and manipulate a guilty conscious into doing his dirty work. The whole point of recognizing your wrongs is to be forgiven, right? I can’t really see God saying, “Yeah, we’ll forgive Cass as long and he spies on the Winchester Brothers.” He’s GOD. AKA, the most badass joker in the universe. The guy can turn tree bark into lollipops. He can get dressed just by blinking his eyes. He can create a new species with the snap of his fingers. I bet if the guy farts someone wins the lottery.

The man can literally MAKE IT RAIN.

You get the point. All I’m saying is, I don’t think the man upstairs is behind this.

Sam. Last night we finally saw Sam get some legit screen time, as the show diverted from Dean’s struggles with being back on Earth from escaping Purgatory to Sam’s struggles with leaving the woman he loves behind. Up until this point, it was thought that Sam left Amelia because he felt guilty about Dean. It is revealed through his flashback that Amelia’s supposedly dead husband is – GASP! – alive! Talk about like the worst news EVER. For Sam, of course, because it’s awesome that Amelia’s husband didn’t die at war, and that he’s still alive. #supportthetroops. ANYWAYS, we also saw in the flashbacks that Amelia’s army vet dad sensed Sam and Amelia were just living in a “fantasy world” and hiding from the real emotional turmoil that was eating them up inside. Yeah, he picked all of this up two seconds after he entered their house. Dr. Phil better watch out, because this guy has the psychological senses of a 88-inch diameter crystal ball. Speaking of psychological senses…

Fred Jones. This joker was the center of last night’s case. Apparently, Dean and Sam remember him from their childhood. They recognized a picture of him at the nursing home they were investigating. He can alter reality and control things with his mind. It seems as though he has struggled with this his entire life. So, instead of trying to seek the counsel of a supernatural psychologist (why not call Amelia’s dad, Mr. Emotional/Psychological Know-It-All?), he resorted to living inside of his head. He checked out of the real world, sat in a rocker all day, and watched Cartoon Network. There was a catch, though. He could not control his actions, and cartoon-ish shit was randomly happening and people were dying because of it. The retirement home care-taker was aware of this, and used it for his agenda. This guy was a certified ASSHOLE, and forced the checked-out Fred to help steal shit from the old people living at the nursing home. UM, RUDE! Fred was unaware of this, as he was having a cartoon marathon in his subconscious. Sam, Dean and Cass were like DA FUCQUE and go to save the day. Cass Angel-powers him and Sam into Fred’s head, and Sam had some pep talk about how you, “can’t run from your problems and blah blah blah…” Basically, it was a parallel to his “dream life” he lived with Amelia while he was trying to ignore his problems, i.e. leaving innocent people to die from demons/monsters/evil shit and his brother being in Purgatory. #caseclosed. Cass did some Angel-magic on Fred so his psychological powers wouldn’t take over him anymore, and he sat with him while playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” in his mind. #pureclass.

Dean. Castiel and Dean’s relationship is awesome. Their dynamic provides the comic relief that lessens the darkness of all the cases the Winchesters take on. We saw in this episode that Dean is trying to piece together how and why Castiel is out of Purgatory. Since Dean knows what it’s like to leave God’s armpit, he is concerned for Castiel’s well-being. This episode was more focused on Sam, so I really don’t have anything else to say about Dean, other than it looked like he got a haircut and he was hot as hell (pun intended).

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? I thought the writers definitely stepped out of the box with this one. The cartoon references were hilarious, and Sam’s shirt was really defining his upper body in his flashbacks, which is always a plus. Leave your comments, bitches!

Until next time,



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