Look at Dean’s arms…Sam’s hair… *sigh*

Holy hell in a handbag! I absolutely LOVED this episode of Supernatural. We got back to the ongoing story line of the season: Kevin (God’s prophet), the tablet, Crowley (OMG he was so evil this time), and ummm…hm…OH YEAH CASS RETURNED!!!! Let’s get down to the dirty deets of last night’s episode:

Dean. So Dean has like hella flashbacks all episode of Purgatory, and he is apparently holding some guilt about leaving Cass. His guilt is a hallucination, apparently, because when Cass returns, he makes Dean remember what REALLY went down when he was going through the portal out of Purgatory. Dean didn’t let Cass’s hand slip-Cass pulled away! Cass wanted to repent for all of his sins and be tortured in Purgatory a little longer, and this was his plan the whole time. He just didn’t want to break Dean’s heart, and he knew Dean would never let him go that easily. #PUREMAN. Cass shows up while Dean’s in the bathroom and he’s like, “WHOA, CASS! YOU’RE BACK!” and then he proceeds to drill him with questions to where Cass answers with, “I’m dirty.” Yeah, Dean! He’s dirty! Why do you think he finally appeared to you in a bathroom? The guy wanted a shower! Sheesh! Anyways, Dean looked hot in the episode as usual.

Cass. Ok, so I was SO excited to see Cass return. Our beloved angel, Castiel, had been stuck in Purgatory, where Dean last saw him. Castiel seems to have had NO recollection of how he got out of Purgatory, and Dean wasn’t buying it. For a minute there I wasn’t either, until Cass is in the middle of a conversation with Dean and Sam and he gets straight transported to God’s main lobby. No, seriously, there was like a receptionist and everything. But, was it really Heaven Cass was taken to for a hot minute? I don’t know, but I’m sure more will unravel about that later. What is significant about that now, though, is that this bitch at the front desk was like, “Sup Cass? We brought you back from Purgatory, but you won’t remember. Also, you will unwillingly give us all the information you can on Sam and Dean Winchester and we are going to teleport you back here to tell us frequently, and YOU WON’T REMEMBER ANY OF IT.” Cass resists, but he is quickly teleported back to his conversation with Sam and Dean and they don’t even notice he’s gone. UGH. I smell fishiness…ugh! No really I think I smell fish…did I forget to take out the trash again? ANYWAYS, I think it was straight shitty that they took Cass out of Purgatory. He was trying to be a good little angel and rock out there till he repented for all his sins. I mean, isn’t that like the staple characteristic for angels? Whatever, I’m just glad he’s back. And that he got a shower.

Crowley. You are sneaking little shit! Crowley gets his demon minions to snatch up this generations clan of prophets. Oh yeah, we got a little history lesson, too. Apparently, “in every generation, there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires and the demons and the forces of evil. She is…the slayer,” Just kidding, that’s the quote from Joss Whedon about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. #bestshowever (next to SPN, of course)

ANYWAYS-there really is a generation of prophets, but only one at a time can read the tablet. When one fly drops, then another can magically read the tablet. So basically Crowley snatched the entire generation up as insurance in case Kevin wouldn’t read the tablet for him. Cass swoops in though (no really, he had wings) and is like, “BITCH WHAT NOW?!” Crowley was going to call his bluff, but decided not to chance it. The two pull out switchblades (not exactly sure why) and decide to go at it with an old school rumble. There was even a “West Side Story” reference. Shit. Got. Real.

The tablet gets sliced in half and Crowley disappears. Which half  Crowley has now, though, I am not sure. He either has the side that talks about how to close the gates of hell, or the the side with some weird personal note from some joker named Medatron. (Sorry, I missed that part. I was getting another class of wine.)

Kevin. Well look at what we have here…is this a big, fat, WE TOLD YOU SO?! So you’re mom thought it would be a great idea to hire a witch from CRAIGSLIST to help you build demon bombs? Come on, everyone knows you don’t order anything from Craigslist. ESPECIALLY when you are searching for witches? All you’ll find in that section is some weird ass people that like to role-play. Ok, I’m changing the subject. SO, Crowley gets a hold of Kevin via the Craigslist Witch, and forces him to read the tablet or he’ll kill all the other prophets he has hostage. This doesn’t work apparently, because he has some innocent chick explode like right in front of his face and Kevin’s like, “nope-not budging! I won’t read the tablet!” Then Crowley’s like, “fine-I’ll cut your finger off.” WHAMO! Kevin’s like, “Ok, I’ll read your tablet.” Um…really Kevin? Some prophet you are. You’ll let some girl get killed, but God forbid (pun count=1) you’re finger gets chopped off?! Kevin then proceeds to bitch about it after Cass saves the day, and Sam is like Cass will lend you hand (pun count=2). All is good in the world.

Sam. Sam didn’t have a huge role in last night’s episode, but his hair looked great and he threw a demon bomb. #wellplayed




Last night’s episode was straight AWESOME, and I’m so glad that Cass is back. Next week’s episode looks equally badass, as the three cowboys take on their next case. Hi-yo, Silver! Away! #AceVenturaReference


Until next time…





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