This week we are choosing to save Jeremy Gilbert. 4×05 ended with Connor’s invisi-tat being possibly transferred to Jer. His life is about to get totally f*cked up. If he knows he has to grow that tat by killing vampires in order to cure Elena, he might become the bad guy. What if he goes full-blown hunter and tries to kill some of our favorites? Here are 5 reasons why we should stand by Jer’s side during his… transition.

1. He’s the only person Elena has left: Their parents died. Jenna got turned into a vampire, used in a ritual and then killed. Alaric died like 4 times, turned into a murderous psycho, turned into a vampire hunting vampire and then died. Apparently they have no cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, godparents or family friends… so they are all they have left. Now, Elena is a vampire and Jer’s about to become a vampire hunter. #lifesucks. It’s actually pretty sad when you think about it. I don’t think I could bear to see Elena lose Jeremy, or anyone else for that matter. She would definitely flip her damn humanity switch (which could be kind of cool). She would truly be alone in this world. Sure she has Damon, Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline, but family is forever. Plus, Bonnie might turn into a dark magic evil witch, Caroline might run away to Paris with Klaus, and Damon and Stefan might say “f*ck the drama” and cut town. You never know. Well, she would have Matt too because he would pretty much do anything for her, but who wants to hang out with their ex for the rest of their life? No one! We know Jer would never betray her. Blood is thicker than water.

2. He adds some diversity to The Five: Jeremy could add a little diversity to The Five. He’s a hipster with an emo past. Remember that shit? You think Connor would have painted his nails black and smoked a joint in the Mystic Grill bathroom? Hell naw! Jeremy has what kids these days call ‘swag’. He rocks v-necks and Chucks like a f*cking boss. #hipsterhunter. He isn’t all brainwashed and shit like Connor and Alexander were either. He has heart and his damn sister’s a vampire so his perspective is a little different. He tried to turn himself once for crying out loud. He’s probably the new hunter. Now that’s f*cking poetic. #ShakespeareShit

3. He’s hot: When did Jer get so hot? I mean… DAYUM! I think Steven was working on his biceps on the off-season because last episode when Jer and Matt were walking outside together in their tight T-shirts, I was pretty much drooling on myself. All the ladies love Jer too. Vicki? Anna? Bonnie? Possibly April if Matt doesn’t snatch that shit up first? Even when these bitches died they came back to see him. I mean, that’s saying something. Sure, they were kind of using him for their own personal motives, but that’s okay. It’s safe to say that Jer isn’t the emo, stoner brother anymore. He’s a full-fledged hottie who’s about to become an ass kicking vampire hunter. Lay down the law Jer-Bear.

4. We already knew being a hunter was in his blood: No matter what happens with him as a hunter, we can’t really get mad at him. We’ve always known that this shit was in his blood. Remember Uncle John trying to tell him about his heritage? His family’s history was all about keeping Mystic Falls safe from vampires so we shouldn’t really be that surprised here. I think we’ve always known that he would someday be a vampire hunter. And you know what? He f*cking deserves to do whatever he wants to do. He’s had the shittiest life ever and if he wants to stab up some vamps to grow his tat and turn his sis back into a human, then he should do that.

5. He’s the key to the cure: So, Jeremy and his ink are the key to the cure. I’m guessing maybe Klaus or Stefan will try to force him to kill vampires in order to finish his tattoo. Who really freaking knows though. I can honestly say that I don’t want anyone to turn back into a human. I want them all to be vampires. I want everyone in Mystic Falls to be vampires. I want the whole world to be vampires. I really f*cking like vampires. I’m still curious about the cure though, and I want to see how it works. Maybe they could cure Rebekah so she can stop being a little bitch, grow out of her teen years and be with Matt. I think she hates being a vampire anyway. #TeamHumanRebekah

There are about a million and one more reasons we love Jeremy and will love Jeremy even if he becomes the hunter. Let’s make sure we don’t hate on him when he starts slaying vamps. Oh and Elena, now would be the time to compel him to head back to Colorado. They even just legalized marijuana there so you don’t have to worry about him getting arrested for toking it up at the batting range. Share your thoughts on Jeremy possibly becoming the next hunter and what you think that means for our Mystic Falls posse. Until next time…



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