TeamTSD just received Intel from a reliable source on a possible twist to “The Walking Dead” for this season. CAUTION: BEFORE YOU CONTINUE READING-SPOILER ALERT!

Actually, I really don’t give a shit if we spoil something for you, because this theory is so f*cking genius that I am doing you a favor by sharing it. Are you ready for this shit? Are you? Are you ready for your mind to be blown? Because it’s about to get real. I am talking seeing Jesus in your toast kind of real. This is bigger than finding out that Bigfoot might exist.

Sorry, I’m just really excited. Ok, here it goes:

So we see in next week’s preview that Daryl finds Carol’s knife. T-Dog sacrificed himself for Carol, and we last saw her running out of a doorway in the prison. We never actually saw her die, which makes me think she is still alive kickin’ it somewhere. Also, remember when Carol was practicing how to perform a c-section on that rank ass zombie in the jail-yard? #significantscene. Why? Because it reminded viewers that Carol was the ONLY one other than Herschel that could perform a successful c-section and sew that shit back up.

Now soak all that in, and take a step back for a minute…

Ok, so… Lori passed out during birth (because her stomach was being sliced up in a dirty ass utility room with a really f*cking jagged knife). When Carl went to shoot his mother, we didn’t see him actually SHOOT her. We just HEARD the shot. In last week’s episode, you see Rick go search for Lori’s body, and we see a crushed bullet on the floor. It almost looked like someone shot the bullet directly to the floor and not at someone….

Now. What. If. When Carol was running away from Walkers during the hooplah a couple eps ago, she came across Lori while she was re-gaining some consciousness from having the baby. Since Carol knows how to fix that c-section shit, she moves her to the infirmary and sews that stomach up, and they’ve been held up there for a day or two while Lori recuperates and Carol protects her from Walkers.


Well then why was the food-coma-stuffed-stomach Walker chillin’ in the utility room where Lori was last seen you ask? Well, my friends, that shit was just a #redherring. I thought something fishy was going on with that beer-bellied Walker anyways. Look it up here if you don’t know what DA FUCQUE I’m talking about. Maybe that Walker was stuffed from mowing down on T-Dog? Whatever, all I know is that is some pretty legit theory-ing right there. I haven’t been this excited since we found out LOST was spitting out flash-fowards instead of flashbacks.

Leave your thoughts, bitches.




  1. jenni

    I thought that zombie was pregnant. That’s why Rick stabbed the stomach repeatedly. To kill the zombie baby inside and it was just ironic cuz Lori just had her baby.

    1. teamtsd Post author

      I think the speculation was that it ate her, but who really knows. Bottom line, we think it’s not the last time we will see Lori whether she’s alive or a walker.


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