Ok, so Dean and Sam are literally at each others throats because they’re too badass to talk about their feelings. They head way down south to redneck-ville to take on a case. Apparently, some old soldier dude is straight pissed off about how is brother killed him or something. So, he goes back and haunts people. How does this happen? Well, here’s how. * queue history lesson *

Poor Confederate soldiers from the Civil War were given a penny to wear around their neck as a symbol of good luck and to buy them food/water/Moonshine if needed. Just kidding, Moonshine wasn’t brought to America until the 1900’s from Scottish immigrants (history fact count=2). ANYWAYS, this penny served as the culprit to all these killings Dean and Sam were hunting. Some lady ran over her husband, then their son shot some dude he had a failed business with, then a cop killed his boss, then his cop friend tried to kill a doctor, THEN Dean got a hold of this penny and tried to kill Sam because they have been silently fighting about how Sam didn’t look for him in Purgatory and left him there to rot in God’s armpit! Holy crackballs that was a lot to take in!

Let’s face it though, the Dean/Sam showdown has been coming. They needed to beat the shit out of each other to unleash some rage.

Oh yeah, Garth came in and saved the day. GARTH! YES!

“I forgot he was a hugger.”

I am SO glad Garth is back. These boys need some comedic relief. Throughout the episode, it becomes apparent that the writers are setting up Garth to be the new Bobby. I know Bobby can’t be replaced, but we need someone for our Winchester hotties to lean on when things get rough. To even further show Garth’s relaxed composure, the penny from the green-goo-spector ghost-thing that seemed to affect everyone and bring out their rage didn’t affect him. Why? BECAUSE SHIT IS NOT THAT DEEP. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and smell the roses. That was the whole point of this episode (I think). Sam and Dean need to realize that if they are going to live this life, they need to have each others back to get through it and NOT be at each other’s throats.

We also see little Sammy get all bent out of shape with his brooding forehead. I was about to reach through the computer screen and hand him my botox for the week. Wait, what….

ANYWAYS, Sammy is all tore up with having to leave Amelia, and Dean don’t give a FUCQUE. We see Sam have a flashback about Amelia, and they share secrets, shit got real, blah blah blah. Grab a burger and stab a demon and be a MAN! #realtalk.


I love this season because the writers really stayed true to their promise: shit is like season 1. They are really getting back to the roots, and I love it. You know what I love more? Well, besides Sam and Dean shirtless, CASS RETURNS NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I can’t wait for Cass to come back and find out what REALLY went down with him in Purgatory. What do you guys think will happen?! Leave your thoughts, hookahs!

PS-anyone else catch how Maybelline is the sponsor of the episode? I think it’s because the Supernatural demographic is mainly female. Here’s why:








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Until next time…



Memorable quotes:

“Are you the new bobby?” “-Sam to Garth “You shut your mouth!” -Dean

“Don’t hate”-Garth

“Burn a confederate soldiers bones in a town full of confederates? Suuuuuuuuuuuurrrrre.” – Sam

“Did we eat yet?” -Dean

“You killed the tooth fairy?” -Sam “Yeah, not my proudest moment.” -Garth

*PS TeamTSD doesn’t own any of these gifs.


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