There are a lot of people who are hating on Klaus right now. I know that it seems like he’s just being one giant asshole and it’s true his actions have been less than admirable. I feel like I should stick up for him though. I think he’s gotten a bad wrap, and he’s come such a long way since we first met him in Season 2. I’m going to attempt to persuade you to look at Klaus in a different light. Ready?! Let’s go.

1. Daddy Issues: I think everything that he has done has stemmed from his 1,000 year old daddy issues. Remember his dad basically telling him he’s a worthless piece of shit in the Season 3 flashbacks? Klaus was another man’s child and Mikael always resented Klaus because of that. It’s not Klaus’ fault that your wife decided to go bop around with some werewolves in the woods. Geez! Can’t you take it out on her instead of embarrassing him in front of his siblings? That’s how serial killers are made. Also, think about how upset Klaus got when Mikael reappeared at the Lockwood mansion in Season 3 and tried to kill him. He was crying! He obviously has emotions, he just doesn’t deal with them very well. If my father stabbed me and all my sibling and turned us into blood suckers for all of eternity, I’d probably be pretty upset too. If this happened today, Klaus would need a lifetime of extensive therapy and Michael would be in prison. But no! Klaus didn’t get any damn therapy and his father hunted him for 1,000 years. How is that fair? It’s not.

2. He Needs Forgiveness: Not once has anyone ever said, “I forgive you Klaus.” Ok, maybe his siblings did at one point but that never lasted long at all. Sure, he’s done some things that seem unforgivable like killing Jenna, killing his father, trying to kill Elena and Bonnie, daggering his sister like 3 times, keeping his family in coffins for a few centuries, using Elena as a blood bag, killing a whole pack of werewolves in an attempt to create a hybrid army, compelling people to do his dirty work, turning Tyler and trying to steal his girl, kidnapping Stefan and turning his humanity switch off, using his family and everyone around him to get what he wants, using Bonnie constantly for her witchy joojoo, lying about his father killing his mother, breaking his sister’s neck after everything she did for him, killing a bunch of humans over the last 1,000 years without regret and… wait, this isn’t helping is it? Even though he has done some pretty evil things, I think he just needs someone to give him a huge hug and tell him he is forgiven and it’s all going to be ok. Maybe if he felt accepted into the MF crew, he’d be nicer. My mama always said, “Kill them with kindness.” #JustSayin #MamaKnowsBest

3. He’s lonely: The issue of him creating hybrids because he doesn’t want to be alone forever has been address a few times in the show. Why can’t someone just be his friend already? If people were nice to him, I feel like he’d be a happier person and wouldn’t feel the need to make a bunch of hybrids. Maybe Elena should just say, “Hey, Klaus. Here’s a couple of bags of my blood. I’m giving this to you willingly without you asking because that’s what friends do.” Maybe Stefan should call him up one day and say, “Hey Klaus. Want to head to Denny’s for brunch and reminisce about the 20’s?” Everyone needs a friend and everyone wants to feel loved. Be the change you wish to see in the world. #ManInTheMirror mother f*ckers.

4. Caroline: I feel like Caroline is his saving grace. She is his greatest weakness. I think the key to him regaining some humanity and being capable to love again depends on her. A Klaroline love would certainly change him, for the better. Things that are important to her (like the whole town of Mystic Falls) may suddenly become important to him. Maybe she can make him see the good in the world again and teach him he doesn’t have to be lonely anymore or make a shit ton of hybrids (see #3). The chances of this are slim to none. Klaus has been a murderous villain for about 1,000 years, but I still have hope Caroline can change him. Or maybe she’ll join the dark side and travel the world with him murdering people and doing whatever the french toast they want. Either way, I don’t care as long as they are together. #TeamKlaroline

5. He Dresses Well: He dresses like a freaking boss. His style is impeccable. He has totally classed the town of Mystic Falls up with his dapper attire and his swoon-worthy accent. He’s also hot as f*ck. That alone is enough for me to want him to stick around, loves.

So, did I convince you this hybrid deserves a little love? Maybe in the Christmas episode everyone will chip in and get him some free therapy sessions. Aw! Wouldn’t that be sweet? Leave your comments and share your thoughts.

Until next time…



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