This episode of Supernatural was freaking awesome. It got back to the main story of the season (well, one of them). I know Sam and Dean want to catch Kevin Tran and his momma and close the gates of hell and blah blah blah….but their own stories are what I find most intriguing about this season. Sam is fighting with the life he left behind: no supes, just a hot vet and a pup; and Dean is fighting with the internal demons he collected in Purgatory. Let’s get down to the dirty deets of this episode:

Sam: He is clearly still emotional about leaving his girlfriend (the vet) and their dog (I think he said its name was Everett?). We see flashbacks of how Sam became close to this girlfriend, and how it hurts him that he left his normal life behind. What I take from this is that Sam would NEVER be involved in the “family business” if it weren’t for Dean. Let’s look at the facts:

1. Season 1: Dean came and took Sam from school to go find their dad, John Winchester. Sam was rocking out with his hottie girlfriend Jessica and getting ready to go to law school. THEN Jessica gets burned like beef jerkey on the ceiling like Mama Winchester, and Sam goes off with Dean.

2. Season 8: Dean gets sent to Purgatory, Sam’s all like, “deuces, bro”, and he finds himself a nice cabin, dog and girlfriend. Dean escapes Purgatory, finds Sam, and is like “WHAT THE HELL, BRO?!”

and Sam’s like, “my bad,” and goes hunting with Dean again.

Sam loves his brother so much that he would literally give up his life for him. Actually, he has done that. Twice. I don’t think we will ever see Sam get “fed up” and abandon Dean, but I can see Sam getting upset about Dean’s internal conflicts and not being able to figure them out. We all know that at least for now, though, when Dean says, “jump,” Sam is there to have his back, regardless of the consequences.

funny gifs funny gifs

Dean: My sexy hunter boyfriend discovers in this episode that Benny, the vampire he escaped Purgatory with, needs his help. Dean drops everything, takes the Toblerone candy from the motel fridge, and heads to help Benny. Sam is completely clueless, and kind of pissed off. Dean throws it back in his face, “you took a year off! I need one night!” and Sam quietly agrees. #smackdown. Dean hops in the Impala and rocks that shit out.

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Dean catches up with Benny’s truck, grabs his cooler of Capri Suns, aka blood bags, and brings it to him as he’s hiding in a tunnel from the daylight. Dean is like, “why the f*ck did you take on a nest all by yourself?” Benny’s like, “bitch I ain’t scared!”

funny gifs

Benny informs him why he had to do what he had to do…

Benny: OK, so I had my reservations about Benny, but now I totally love him. We see in Dean’s flashback that Benny saved Castiel once in Purgatory, and he really didn’t have to do that. He may have just saved him so he could keep Dean happy, but I think he did it because he still has some humanity left. We see that humanity unravel when we see that the vampire nest he was hunting is actually the nest his Maker created. The same Maker that killed him and cast him to “God’s butt” aka Purgatory. PS-Purgatory is God’s armpit, not butt, you freaking eternally damned idiot. ANYWAYS, Benny shares with Dean that he left his Maker for a Greek princess name Andrea. Apparently that didn’t sit well with his Maker. Vamps and their Makers are like True Blood-style bonded for all eternity and shit, so you see the severity here. Benny watched his maker slit Andrea’s throat, and then got killed and woke up in Purgatory. #f*ckingsucks. SO, when Benny shows up at his Makers lair and sees ANDREA!!!!!!! He is like, “DA FUCQUE?!”

He discovers that his maker turned Andrea and made her his Queen of Darkness. #dickmove. Benny takes out the entire nest, and they are like way impressed with his fighting skills. He’s like, “ummm yeah I was only in f*cking Purgatory, bitches!”, and he tells Andrea they can leave now. Andrea seemed to have drank the evil kool-aid, and she wants Benny to continue on killing people and stealing their yachts (apparently Benny’s maker was some kind of pirate. Weird.). Benny is like, “bitch, you cray.” Andrea hulks out and Dean chops her head off. #theend

Bro Triangle: Dean is super pleased to see that Benny hasn’t fallen off the wagon, and I am too. I seriously like this guy. He is such a tortured soul, and y’all know how I feel about that. Sam showed up post-nest-killing, and he shakes Benny’s hand. He instantly knows that Benny is vamp since he is cold-blooded and all, and he reaches for his knife. Dean gives him the, “put your knife down and be cool” look, and Sam obliges (of course). Benny picks up on the fact that Dean has not shared their “we rocked it out in hell together and are bonded for life” story, and he exits all cool and shit because Dean and him are in major bro-zone.

funny gifs

The show ends, and I am assuming that Dean will fill Sam in on his Bean romance (Benny + Dean = Bean. No? Too much?). Sam is going to have to grow a pair and accept the fact that this vampire is actually freaking legit, and he SAVED HIS BROTHER’S LIFE. I mean shit, Sam should understand since he was the yellow-eyed-demon’s bitch for a couple seasons. I will be curious to see how that plays out.

What did you guys think of that episode? I honestly thought it was my favorite so far this season. The only thing missing was some really good sarcastic quips. (You know how I love my puns.) Leave your thoughts, hookahs! Until next time…



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