So, Season 4 has just begun (4×04 airs in 2 days!) and I already have a feeling that this season is going to be one epic journey. With Elena’s shiny new set of fangs and bitchy attitude and a new hunter threatening the whole damn town, things are certainly ‘all shook up’ in Mystic Falls. Here are a few reasons I think this season is already off to an incredible start.

1. A New Big Bad: With the introduction of Connor, a whole new element has been added to the show. Never have we seen anyone so ruthless and unforgiving. Even with Klaus, he had an agenda and he only killed people who got in his way. We saw a bit of humanity in him when he and Stefan developed a bromance. We found a weakness in him when he learned he needed Elena to stay alive in order to create more hybrids. Now we even kind of love him because we’re rooting for a Klaroline romance, right? Woohoo!! Let’s all do a happy dance and hope for some Klaroline action.

Now, we have super human vampire hunter Connor Jordan. He doesn’t give a flying f*ck. He’s alone so he has no one else to worry about except himself and his mission. He doesn’t know any of the MF people personally (at least not that we know of). He has no reservations about stabbing April and shooting Tyler in public (‘Memorial). To our knowledge, he has nothing to gain from anyone so why would he spare their lives. He’s even roughing up humans to get info (a-la Matt at school in 4×03). He even escaped from Klaus AND Damon. Baller! This supernatural weapon weilding son of a bitch is a serious threat and he’s got some dark secrets we don’t even know about yet. Did we just blow your mind?

Yup. Thought so.

2. Suspense: I’m still sticking by my guns when I say that 4×02, ‘Memorial’, was the best episode of any season of TVD. Want to know why? One word: Suspense. Raise your hand if you were on the edge of your leather love seat during that whole episode.

Ok, now put your hands down. This season seems to be packed with super suspenseful moments, and I like it. Season 4 is a little darker now since Elena has become a vamp, and from the looks of it, not one that’s completely in control. Not knowing whether Elena is going to stay sweet and compassionate or flip her damn humanity switch is completely compelling. Flip the switch Elena! I want to see you eat some peeps and go full Ripper on someone. Rabekah maybe? #girlfight

3. Emotional: Do you know how many times I’ve cired so far in this season? Way too freaking many. At the end of each episode, I usually end up in the fetal position cuddling my dogs against their will and wiping away my tears with my Damon T-Shirt. I’m sorry what? You think that’s pathetic?

Here are the moments so far in Season 4 that invoked some serious emotional reactions in me.

Elena first finding out she’s a vamper?

Watching Klaus be a total douche to Rebekah?

Watching April get stabbed up at her daddy’s memorial?

Delena blood sharing scene in the Grill bathroom?

Watching Elena puke blood up all over her gorgeous Anthropologie lace dress?

4. New Faces/New Drama: New faces in Mystic Falls means new drama, new secrets we get to slowly learn over time (whenever JP wants us to know them) and new story lines. Like, what the hell is up with this Hayley girl? Did Tyler have werewolf sexy time while he was out breaking his sire bond in order to ‘come home to Caroline’. Hmm… that shit better not have happened. Hayley, I’m on to you. Better watch your back.

We already discussed the awesomeness that is Connor Jordan and how badly we want to know his hunter secrets. Tell us! We now know Klaus needs him, but we don’t know what for yet (suspense much? see #2). Then, we have April Young. She knew the Gilberts when she was younger so she’s trying to look up to Elena now I guess. Not only does Elena give her (April’s 16 mind you) a beer at the rager, she is also one blood-sharing Delena scene away from going off the vampire rails. April, you should probably find a new role model because Elena’s about to go cray cray. Watch the 4×04 previews if you don’t believe me.

What role April will be playing in Season 4 is still unknown. We saw her getting chummy with Rebekah post rager, so maybe some sort of bond will form there. Perhaps she’ll be a love interest for Jer? I don’t know. Too much of an age gap? Nah, not in MF. So many secrets! Just tell me JP!

Anyway… this has gotten WAY out of hand so I’m going to end this shit now. Anyone else agree that TVD Season 4 is shaping up to be the BEST SEASON YET? Hurry up Thursday!!! Share your thoughts lovers.

Until next time…




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