You know it’s time for a Save the Supes campaign. The first supe to be saved this fall 2012… CONNOR! Todd Williams rocks it the f*ck out as badass hunter, Connor Jordan. We’re not sure if he’s actually a supe, but there is something not totally human about him. Honestly, I was like “ugh” when TVD announced that a new hunter would hit town. However, when he did, all of my doubts were washed away like a bad non-waterproof mascara. I know a lot of people are angry at him right now, but we think he deserves a chance. Let’s get down to the dirty deets as to why Connor blows our supernatural minds:

1. He’s hot: Hello! Have you seen him? Just when you thought the TVD cast couldn’t get any more good-looking, BAM! They stick Todd Williams in there with the rest of the sexy Scooby-gang.

2. Ultimate Bad Guy: Connor is straight ruthless. Right now we see him as the bad guy because he’s trying to take down all our favorite characters. We don’t know his agenda yet. Reveal dat shit! I have a feeling we’ll be developing a soft spot for him at some point this season. For now though, he is a freaking bad ass. Think about it. Damon (season 1 asshole) and Klaus were technically the bad guys but they don’t hold a candle to Connor. Connor’s flying solo right now and he’s not dicking around. He stabbed poor little April and used her as vampire bait at her father’s funeral. That’s f*cking commitment to your craft right there. He dove right into Tyler’s mouth last night with a freaking needle and spiked beer at a high school rager. He escaped from Klaus AND Damon. He has a trailor with vampire booby traps. See what I mean? No hesitations. No fear. Complete. f*cking. badass.

3. Jeremy: He could be linked to Jeremy in some way. Well, it’s pretty evident that he is. Jer was the only one that could see Connor’s invisi-tat. If Connor can give Jer some sort of purpose in life, that’d be great. Lord knows that boy needs somethin’. We don’t want to see Jer revert back to pot smoking and painting his nails black. We know the Gilbert’s were protectors of the town so maybe we’ll see these two team up.

4. Fighting Machine: Let’s face it. TVD has been lacking in street fights for quite some time. So unfortunate. Sit down Neo (Matrix reference)! Whatever one level higher than a third degree black belt is, that’s what Connor is. I’m totally down to see more fight scenes and sweet pyrotechnics courtesy of Connor. Dish out some more ass kicking Conny-poo! Just don’t kill Damon or I’ll have to start rooting for your demise. Mmkay? *Everybody was kung fu fiiiightin’! Those cats were fast as lightniiin’!* Ok, sorry. Moving on…

5. Klaus Needs Him: We don’t know jack shit about Connor yet. What we did learn last night was that Klaus wants to keep him safe for an unknown reason. So he must be pretty important. Like Tesseract important (Avengers reference). We predicted in our 4×03 recap that this could have something to do with turning Elena back into a human, but we really have no freaking idea. If Klaus needs him alive and knows who he is, there is certainly a juicy hidden story, and I want to know it. Also, this could mean flashbacks… and who doesn’t love Originals flashbacks?

So, before you start throwing around shitty comments about how much you wish Connor would get staked in the face, think about what we just said. He deserves another chance. There’s much more to this street fighting, funky weapon wielding son of a bitch. Let’s all just give this BAMF a break and see what happens in the next few episodes, ok? Leave your comments. #FANGSOUT

Until next time…



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