Holy cowabunga! Are we the only one’s whose jaws were on the floor the entire episode? Doubt it. That episode was hands down one of the most shocking, powerful, heartfelt, sexual, intense and down right incredible episodes of any season of TVD. Everything was so different from what we’ve seen before, and we loved it. A new Elena, a new villain, two new characters, a new dynamic between the whole crew and even the whole town. Mystic Falls has officially been all shook up. We didn’t even notice that our favorite character, Klaus, was completely absent the whole episode (that doesn’t mean we don’t want him back). Absolutely phenomenal job Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson, cast and crew. Let’s dive right into what ‘Memorial’ had in store for our favorite Mystic Falls residents, and newbies.

Elena: OK, I pretty much loved Elena in this episode. Am I the only one that wants to see her go full Ripper on some people? She was so upset when she ate Bambi. Okay girl, if you were so upset about the deer why didn’t you feed it your blood so it would heal faster? Just sayin’. I don’t know if she’s going to be able to keep her urge to go ape shit on people at bay. Plus, if I have to see her puke up blood one more time, I’m going to reach into the TV screen and offer her my own arm. Just eat someone already! Shit is NASTAY. Oh wait, she ate Matt! Yes. Matty boy offered up his own neck as a little afternoon snack in the middle of a packed memorial service, while a vampire hunter was intently watching them! #Ballsy. Elena seemed to handle drinking straight from the source pretty well. She even tried to eat April until Mama Caroline stepped in. Caroline also taught her how to compel people. Elena told April that the service was beautiful but she forgot to fill her in on the fact that Tyler got shot up in front of everyone. Might want to fill her in on that little tidbit. The town of Mystic Falls sure does like to talk. Anyone else think Elena’s pink lace dress at the memorial was to die for? Us too! Here’s the blushing pink lace dress on Ebay:

April: So this is a new character. All we know is she is Pastor Young’s daughter, she got stabbed at her father’s funeral, and she is/was super tight with Elena and Jeremy at the local playground back in the day. I am not sure where they are going with her, but I’m sure shit will hit the fan at some point.





Damon: Two words: “Blood Sharing”. I have had my fair share of infidelities in a local pub’s bathroom, but this Delena one takes the cake. I am so in love with Damon right now. He sees Elena for what she is, and that is the epitome of Damon through and through. He doesn’t try to sugar coat it, but he still finds some compassion in his actions. Especially with Elena. Now that ending scene with Damon at Alaric’s grave, I am not kidding you, I He grieves with his best friend over a bottle of whiskey. He even left a shot or two for him when he left the grave. And then when Alaric’s GHOST SHOWS UP! DAMN YOU MATT DAVIS! Seriously, the ship that is Dalaric will never be topped. Even when Elena and Damon do finally boink each other, it will never be as emotional as that bromance. RIP.

Stefan: I guess I gotta give a brother props for trying. Elena had a bad hangover this entire episode puking  all over the place. And Stefan’s all like, “good job, babe! Want some champagne?” NO, Stefan, she wants a warm wrist of estacy. If you can’t give it to her, honey child is going to go looking somewhere else. When Elena enlisted the help of Damon, Damon did what he thought best. He let Elena drink from his wrist. I am assuming this is the equivalent of hooking up in the vamp world. Anyways, Stefan is straight pissed off that Elena shared this erotic moment with his bro, and so he is trying to make it up to her with a lantern memorial. Shit is sweet Stefan, and yes, it was needed for everyone to grieve, but if you really want to get on Elena’s good side you will mail order a hot 23 year old that’s ready and willing to be her blood bag for the evening. #justsaying

Connor: Holy Todd Willams! Well, he clearly doesn’t hold anything back. Also, he reminds us of Montel Williams. Don’t be offended though, Todd. Montel Williams had a hit daytime talk show and was a U.S Marine. #shitslegit. ANYWAYS, Conner came out with a bang, literally. He shot up Tyler once his vervain-soaked gloves revealed he was a vampire. Much to his surprise though, his voo-doo encrypted bullets can’t kill a hybrid. YEAH BITCH! Tyler’s like yeah, whatever, I can’t be killed and shit. #nobigs. So Conner takes this rage to the memorial of the council members. Um…rude? I get you are trying to be all big and bad, but apparently you have turned off your humanity switch, too. He stabs Pastor Young’s daughter (da fucque!) and let’s her bleed to death while he attempts to pick off the town vampires one by one. Sorry, dude, but this isn’t Salvatore and Crew’s first rodeo. Your little water-damaged corner-wall blood-act is not going to fool anyone. **Queue Tyler to the rescue**…

Tyler: Ty took the bullet- TWICE. What a freaking badass. We learned that there is something very strange about those bullets Connor is using. We aren’t sure what they are yet, but Bonnie says the writing on them is not magical. So when TyTy offers himself up at the church and gets shot by Todd Connor, Mama Lockwood is all, “I’m going to call the ambulance because everyone just saw you get shot.” What do you think the EMTs are going to think when they come and see that he healed in a matter of 10 minutes and he doesn’t go to the hospital? You don’t think a town like MF isn’t going to talk about the fact TyTy didn’t go to the hospital after being shot? Well, I guess Elena can practice her compelling some more and convince the EMT peeps that they saved Tyler on scene. BAM! PS-just when I think I want a #Klaroline romance explored, I witness a #Forwood scene. Those two in the bed together?! UGH, I love Tyler. “If we stopped having sex everytime someone died in this town. WE’D EXPLODEEEEE”. So witty.

Jeremy: There was one thing to definitely note about Jeremy in this episode: he saw a sweet sleeve tat on Conner that apparently was INVISIBLE to everyone else. Conner was like DA FUCQUE how did you notice that? And when Matt Donovan was like, “I didn’t see a tat, bro”, to Jeremy, they were both just like, “OK, whatever”. UM, HELLO! Jeremy sees dead people, so that fact that he saw a tattoo on a vampire hunter that is suppose to be invisible screams dark magic/major problem to me. Just sayin. Loop in Bonnie and lock that shit down, people!



Bonnie: Oh poor girl. She is a hot mess. Just when you think Stefan is showing up to show her some TLC because she’s been MIA since she cast her Grams to witch hell, you find out that he just needs her for something. Bonnie doesn’t even get mad because she is so used to being used for her witchy spells. I don’t even blame her if she goes to the dark side. She is an emotional wreck and the writers need to give her a hot boyfriend or some mystical crack because she is hurting like big time and needs something to take the pain away. At least she always has a fierce blowout, even if she has been parked on the couch for a few days. #priorities


Dalaric: I know we have already addressed this, but it deserves notice once again. Alaric loves his best friend (even in the afterlife), and Damon loves him too. They were each other’s wingman’s, and I think it is safe to say they are both a little lost without each other. They bickered, shared a bottle of whiskey, and fought local supernatural crime. #PUREMEN. I will never get sick of seeing commemoration to the best bromance since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Honestly, this goes down as one of my favorite episode’s next to the Twenties-era one of season 3. There was only one thing I did not like: Klaus was missing. I anticipate, though, that he will come back and tear shit up by having a show-down with Conner. Alright TVDFamily, I am going to go re-watch this episode again because it literally blew my fucquing mind. Thoughts? Leave your comments, bitches! Until next time…


Team TSD

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