Holy corn-god! UGH can the Winchesters get a break? Just when we thought that everything was about to fall into place (Kevin, the tablet, sending every demon back to hell, etc.) shit falls apart. Sam and Dean are just trying to play catch-up in this episode and keep themselves busy while they look for Kevin. Since Kevin and his mama are MIA, Sam and Dean take on a case where people’s hearts are getting ripped out in a ritual-like timeframe. Because nothing keeps you busy like trying to figure out why people hearts are being ripped from their bodies? Let’s get down to the dirty deets:

Now, I would like to discuss the deeper issues revealed in the last two episodes (we missed recapping last week, so we are making up for it. We’ll make it up to you with some a Supernatural Gear Give-a-way). Let’s dive into the internal damage of Dean and Sam.

Sam in happier times. #picnicflashback

Sam: So Sam is still tending to his aching heart and missing his dog and vet girlfriend. I mean couldn’t he have at least written her a note to say WHY he left? I know he can’t exactly say, “Hey girl, I left to go fight demons and monsters. Remember to give the dog an extra cup of food at lunchtime because of his new medicine. Love, Sam”. But he could have at least said something like “I love you”. If some guy left me like that I would be in a ball of insecurity for like, ever. From promo pics, we see that his ex and their pup reappear in future episodes. I am assuming this is a flashback, but details will be revealed regardless.

“I’m Dean, and I like to brood and eat burgers.”

Dean: HOLY SHIT. So some stuff went down in Purgatory. As we all know, Castiel went missing as soon as he and Dean were cast into God’s armpit. Dean had been on the hunt for Castiel, because that’s what bro’s do for each other. It is revealed through Dean’s flashbacks that he finds Cas, only Cas doesn’t want to be found. Since Cas is an angel, killing him is a mighty big pay day for demons. So, he ran away from Dean to protect him. Dean, of course, thinks this is bullshit and is like, “I can protect myself, let’s go kill demons together and get DA FUCQUE out of here.” We then see that Cas is dangling from a cliff of some sort hanging on for dear life to Dean. The flashback then ends, and we are wondering what exactly happened. Of course, this will be revealed soon enough, but I want to know what happened right now! Ugh. At least this means we can see Dean’s brooding for a couple more episodes. And we all know how hot he looks doing that. ** sigh **

Where do you all think Kevin and his mom are? I’m worried, because without the Winchester’s protection they are probably screwed. Why would you run from them anyways? If I had the Winchester’s as my bodyguards, I would…Ok that’s a whole different story. On that note, I can’t wait for next week! Where do you think Cas is? What’s Crowley’s next move?! Leave your comments, hookahs!

Until next time…#fangsout


Team TSD

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