Holy crackin balls! FINALLY! We made it through the hiatus and we finally got to see Season 4 Episode 1! Despite the fact we knew pretty much everything that was going to happen from all the spoilers and previews we saw, it still blew my freaking mind. Stelena fans must be rejoicing right now as well, because Elena and Stefan seem stronger than ever. Delena fans, I know you are pissed. The guy just can’t catch a break! Now let’s get down to the dirty deets:

ImageElena: The episode opens with Elena waking up in bed and Stefan sitting at the end. Him and Damon explain what happened to her and she begs for them to let Bonnie find a way to bring her back. “I don’t want to be a vamp. They’re horrible. What a shitty life. Help me!” BITCH! You do realize you’re talking shit about vampirism in front of your two vampire best friends, right? Don’t be a hater. Elena’s optimism about being saved was short lived, however, when she found herself hours later in a barn jail-cell begging her ex-boyfriend for blood while her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend who tried to kill her the day before, sat watching (Rebekah). Talk about a mouth-full. MOVING ON. Rebekah feels bad because she witnesses a heartfelt Stelena moment (I even teared up; shit was legit), and decides to devise a plan with Stefan to bash a human-guard’s head against a wall. The blood very slowly and dramatically flows towards Elena, where she reaches with her Amazon arms to touch it, and ALAS! The second Petrova doppelganger-vampire is born. I thought her head was going to get stuck in those bars but it didn’t. Phew! Glad they didn’t drag her transformation out for a couple episodes. This means that Julie and crew are ready to get the ball rolling this season, and I could not be more pleased. I also would like to give props to the direction of effects in this episode. Seeing Elena’s frustrations with noise/sunlight was a different aspect we have not seen in Elena’s character, and I am interested to see how that plays out in her new vamp-personality. #madprops

Stefan: Stefan broods most of this episode (surprise surprise). He makes Elena a tuna sandwich (pre-transition) and she almost projectile vomits across the Gilbert kitchen. Come on, Stefan, this is not your first transition. You should have gotten her a nice AB+ middle-schooler from across the street. While he is cleaning up the breadcrumbs in the kitchen, some weird preacher dude shows up with a posse of vampire hunters, and him and Elena get taken to the barn jail-cell place. We don’t really know how he, Elena, and Rebekah escape this place after Elena’s transition, but we’ll toss that up to an unnecessary cinematic detail. We know Elena maybe got out because she wasn’t vervained but I don’t know about Stefan and Bex. Towards the end of the episode we see Elena and Stefan sitting on top of a roof watching the sunrise (of course he had Bonnie make a daylight ring for her), and they seem to be going steady again season 1 style. BAM! And that’s how JP brings shit around full circle.

Damon: Boy is straight pissed off, and I don’t blame him one bit. Elena remembers all the times that Damon has compelled her, and they have like a two second scene that shows Elena confronting him about it. I mean COME ON girlfriend, he was so selfless and loving to you AND you met him first?! Don’t you think you should take a minute to think about that? It’s not like you have eternity to do so now. Oh wait…YOU DO. I felt like she just kind of brushed off the memories. Listen homegirl, I know you’re going through a difficult time right now, what with being new to the world of blood-sucking eternal damnation and all that, but can you at least acknowledge that Damon is frenching in love with your ass? Props to Elena, though, for standing up to Damon when he tried to kill Matt. I can see some very intense vampire fight/love scenes coming for these two later in the season.

Bonnie: What’s up, Anakin? How’s the dark side going? Bonnie dived into some deep shit in this episode, and I don’t see how she’s going to conjure up a spell to get out of it. It’s going to take more than just a grimoire and a jam jar of herbs to get herself out of this mess. Grams appears, and she’s quite pissed that her granddaughter is tapping into Satan’s cookbook. Despite Grams’ warnings, Bonnie calls on evil voodoo shit again, and it ends up costing Grams’ an eternity in what we are assuming is dark magic hell. Hopefully we’ll find out more about that later. Bonnie can just not catch a break here. I’m ready for her to throw up the deuces to Mystic Falls and start looking out for just herself. Anyone trying to think of a nice gift to get Bonnie for her birthday? How about a day at the spa and a plane ticket to get the f*ck out of town. #TeamBonnie

Klaus/Caroline/Tyler: I LOVED the scenes with Klaus in Tyler’s body. Way to go Michael Trevino. #bravo I liked how Caroline picked up on the fact that Tyler/Klaus said “love” and she knew it was Klaus. I thought Klaus kind of acted like a gentlemen during that make out scene. Klaus saved Caroline… over Rebekah! Klaus turned into a total dick and threatens to rip out Tyler’s heart if Bonnie doesn’t get him back into his body. I swear, that man has no patience. I love me some Klaus but he really pissed me off getting shitty with Rebekah like that. She has been nothing but loyal to him for hundreds of years and what does she get? A slap in the face. No seriously, he hit her.
Pastor Young: What in gas leaking, vampire hating tarnation is going on with these people? You just show up in Mystic Falls, arrest the mayor, kidnap some cute blondes & then lock people up in vervain jail cells? You can’t just do that! Now we know what JP meant when she said Elena and crew have something bigger to deal with than just her transition. These holier-than-though assholes are trying to kill the whole vampire race. Shitty preacher man blows the whole house up, killing himself and all his peeps vowing that they’d exterminate all vamps when they reunite. Reunite as what? Zombies? Ghosts? Are we about to see new supes? I need answers people! One thing’s for sure… they’re out for blood.
That episode was a fangtastic way to kick off the new season. I am bursting at the seams waiting for 4×02. Leave your comments about last night’s epic premiere and what your predictions are for the next one. Until next time…
Team TSD

3 thoughts on “THE VAMPIRE DIARIES RECAP – 4×01 ‘GROWING PAINS’ (Season Premiere)

  1. Bonnie Hall

    Klaus didn’t hit her, he snapped her neck, not that that makes it better, just saying, dude needs to chill some, he’s high strung!


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