Katie Cassidy as demon “Ruby” on Supernatural #fiercebitch

I realize this show is not “supernatural” per-say, but I feel the need to write something about it. Katie Cassidy played demon Ruby on Supernatural, and I loved her nastiness as that character. We are SO happy she finally has a leading role on a potential fall hit series. Arrow has a Batman-esque appeal to it, and I am comic book #fangirl geeks in addition to a supernatural lover. Also, Stephen Amell is supernaturally sexy, so that will suffice enough for me.

First off, I watched the Arrow pilot, and I can honestly say I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to. Stephen Amell has some good acting creds under his belt, most notably for playing a jigalo on HBO’s Hung. When you see the guy working out, you will see he is no stranger to taking his shirt off. He plays Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who was thought to be dead from a shipwreck five years prior. Much to many people’s surprise, he survived on an island and somehow became trained in the art of arrow shooting, martial arts, and building hopping. Let’s get down the to the dirty deet’s as to why we think people should give this show a chance.

1. Stephen Amell is fucquing hot. Have your reservations? Please observe the photos below:

Stephen Amell on the cover of Blank  magazine. OW OW!

Do you really need a reason other than this to watch the Arrow pilot?

See what I mean? The guy is smokin’, AND he can act. Moving on…

2. Katie Cassidy. I have been waiting for this girl to get herself a good pilot for a couple years now. We have seen her on Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, Supernatural, and I do not care to discuss her other cameos because I am so frackin’ happy she got a female lead on this show as (ex) lover of Oliver Queen, Laurel Lance. In the comics, this character is the superhero Black Canary, but it has yet to be confirmed by that this is the path her character will take in the show. Regardless, I enjoyed watching the potential of her and Oliver hooking up again in the pilot episode. Katie Cassidy plays a strong willed lawyer, which isn’t an unusual role for her and suits her strengths well. Stephen Amell is just fucquing gorgeous, and their chemistry, thankfully, is there. Also, she has herself a fierce ombre dye-job that is worth noting:

Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance in Arrow

3. Good plot. We see in the pilot that there are secrets to be revealed, as Oliver’s dad wants him to “save” their Starling City Bruce Wayne-style, and Mrs. Queen seems to have a few tricks up her sleeve. The day Oliver gets back to the city from being rescued, he is abducted for questioning about his father’s business. We later find out (SPOILER ALERT!) that his mom was behind the entire thing to see what her son knew. What trouble has his mom stirred up that she does not want revealed? I am interested to find out.

4. Potential sidekick. I can’t decide if Oliver’s best friend (and Laurel’s booty call, apparently) Tommy (Colin Donnell) will become Oliver’s sidekick, or turn against him. I could see them taking this two ways. I do not think Oliver necessarily needs a sidekick, being that he is all brooding and vengeful, and he still keeps up his “playboy” demure to keep the skepticism off him being the Green Arrow. However, some dry wit or comic relief may be a nice touch to his dark personality. Although, Tommy could let jealousy get the best of him when Oliver and Laurel finally hook up (you know it’s inevitable) and cave to the dark side. Regardless, I am open to any character taking the role as Oliver’s superhero sidekick.

5. Fierce Womens! I am loving me some fierce bitches like Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance, and Oliver Queen’s mom, Moira (Susanna Thompson). Whether they are good or bad, it is nice to see strong women on the show that aren’t annoying or uber-feminist. They are just bad ass bitches with an agenda, and they’ll kick your ass if you get in their way.

5. And here is your final reason, again, to give this show a chance:

Seriously, it is just not even right now hot he is.

Watch the pilot here for free, and tell us what you think! #fangsout


Team TSD


  1. Dena

    Is she a dirty blonde or a brunette in the show??? In almost all her other roles she plays the role of a sexy white slut head-barbie and I like it….Is her role going to be similar to her other roles????


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