So, we started a topic on Twitter the other day: #YouKnowYoureATVDFamilyMemberWhen. The responses were seriously amazing so, we wanted to share some of them with you. 🙂

You Know You’re A TVDFamily Member When…

@Selkie_Star: …if you hear the word Hybrid automatically you think of Klaus not a car

@KristinMarieQua: …you support the cast and crew in every way possible and not think twice

@EternalyDelena: …you hear ‘Previously on The Vampire Diaries’…drop everything to go watch it

@VickiiTVD: …Thursday is the best day of the week

@EverSmilingMaze: …the names Ian, Paul, Nina etc can only mean one person

@EverSmilingMaze: …you associate the words ‘sweethearts’ and ‘lovelies’ with Joseph Morgan

@KristinaKarally: …you think all of your male history teachers may be secret vampire hunters

@KristinaKarally: …you start rolling eyes at people who don’t know what Stelena and Delena are.

@jacki_TVD: …u see a crow and u just wanna run behind it and scream: ‘Damon wait .. bite me!’

@weslesyslove: …you order pizza and don’t wanna let the guy in the house!

@F_A_A_8: …2 people look exactly a like and ur like; DOPELGANGER

@zabie76: …you receive a blood bank flyer and automatically think of ripper Stefan!

@SomerMorgan: …you don’t just care about the cast, you care about the crew too

@SomerMorgan: …you get excited when you see your eye dilate

@ItsMe_hanno: …every antique ring or necklace reminds me of vampires and you imagine it as sun protective

@NotMiranda1: …You switch from Scotch to Bourbon on Thursdays.

@MorganeDenisP: …you just can’t stop thinking about October 11

@TVDTweeters: …you try and compel someone and only give up when it is obvious they are on vervain

@TVDTweeters: …you spend hours looking at videos and pictures of TVD cast

@KlausisKing: …you see a guy in a suit and think ‘Elijah can pull that suit off better’

@TVD_PHL: …people ask you what superpower you wanna have and you go for compulsion

@ValMoisan_TVD: …when you know Stefan’s introduction S1 by heart: ”for over a century I’ve lived in secret, until now…”

@aflowers0129: …you don’t see anything wrong with drinking bourbon in the middle of the day.

@JoMoholicx: …no man can live up to your standards
Here are a few TeamTSD ones for you:

…your friend has frequent nosebleeds and all you think of is witch *fingers crossed*

…you have Klaus dreams because you watched 3×02 too close to bedtime.. again

…when you drive over a bridge, you keep an eye out for any suspicious looking blondes

…someone yells ‘Katherine’ on the street and you get a little bit nervous

…you spend the whole time in the car practicing what you’d say to Ian & Paul if you met them

…you constantly dream about Julie & Kev writing you into the show as Damon’s love interest

…you see someone wearing a scarf in the summer & you assume they’re a vampire’s personal juicebox

…you know someone who wears a lot of leather & you buy them vervain soap for Christmas just to see their reaction

Hope you guys enjoyed these. Comment and share your own thoughts!

Team TSD

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