Ok, so let’s just get it out. HOLYYYY SH******T! If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the plethora of problems in Mystic Falls right now, you’re not alone. So, let’s take what Team TSD likes to call: A STEP BACK.

1.      TATIA. Is it just me, or has your mouth been watering for the back story on the original doppelgänger since Klaus and Elijah brought this up at their dinner party with Stefan and Damon a while back? Ok, so they were both infatuated with her, loved her, and…WHAT?! I’m dying to know. Tatia had to of had a kid to carry on the doppelgänger bloodline, which means she had to do the nasty with someone. I’m willing to bet my Mystic Falls prom ticket it was ELIJAH. Why do you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya:

a.      Elijah wanted to save Katerina back in the 1400’s when Klaus wanted to use her in the ritual to turn him into a hybrid. That kinda love doesn’t come from a creature of the damned easily.

b.     Elijah has a strong bond with Elena for some reason. If she is a decedent of his kid, that would make sense.

c.      He is freaking dreamy. Remember his long Conan the Barbarian hair in the flashback? HAWT.

2.      KATHERINE. Donde esta? You know the Queen B can’t be out of the spotlight for long. She is just waiting for a chance to get back in the game. And who else thinks that she may know what line of original vampires everyone comes from? That b*tch does her homework-she doesn’t like her strings unattached.

3.      ELIJAH. Where for art thou my sexy Elijah? I mean really. What is he doing? His mother is wreaking havoc and his family is a HOT MESS. Come on, Elijah-return to us!!!

4.      ALARIC. What can kill him now? The weapon he possesses (stake with his melted ring around it)? Can you say, poetic?

Ok, I’m exhausted. Spend the weekend sharing your thoughts. We’d love to know your theories. The beauty of this show is that you never know what’s coming. #TVDFAMILY #fangsout


Team TSD

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