Let’s breakdown The Vampire Diaries before the sure-to-be-ridiculous season three finale:

1. Bonnie’s swift wardrobe changes – In matter of minutes, Bonnie goes from a bleeding 20’s flapper with long-lasting makeup to having the best Brazilian blowout in Mystic Falls. What??

2. Sneaky Little Elena – Sneaky Elena snuck out without a sound comin’ out. Klaus and the boys were too busy playing vampire dodge ball to hear her. Nevermind vampires have super-heightened senses. Elena is seriously THAT sneaky. She must have put some butter on those squeeky sneakers.

3. Katherine where art thou? – Where the HELL is Katherine? Save your family. We know she is going to return to us at some point, it’s just a matter of when.

4. Jer and Bonnie Round Two – I wish Bonnie would get over the fact that he cheated on her by holding hands with his ex GF who was a ghost. She has dabbled in the dark magic so many times (not cool) so that makes the playing field even. We all make mistakes Bonnie!

5. Klaus in the Atlantic say what? – I swear if he flows into a piece of floating White Ash driftwood and kills off 1/4 of the vamp population and himself, I will be so pissed. It’s far fetched I know, but hey this is TVD so it could happen. I am just ready for Klaus to come back already. And how can Caroline not even act like she cares that he is gone? I’m callin your bluff on that one Car. #Klaroline forever

6. Underage Drinking – Who just tips back shots of booze when they have had a rough day when they are just 18? Don’t you have school in the morning? Yes Jer, a few evening cocktails and a meaningful talk with my sister always gets me in the mood to paint my psycho ex-guardian’s old room too on a school night. Whatever. We all cope in different ways.

Why do you guys think Elena passed out at the end? And where are Elijah and Katherine? Is Alaric going to die? Ah! It’s almost too much. #fangsout


Team TSD

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