It’s been hard on all of us members of the TVD Family to get through this hiatus with as few shed tears of desperate longing as possible. The only cure for missing our beloved show so much is to talk about it as much as possible. Don’t you agree? I want to take a look back at some of the best moments of Season 3. When I say “best” it could also mean shocking, sad, unbelievable, kick-ass or jaw-dropping. It was certainly difficult to choose just 10, but here are the top 10 best moments of Season 3 (in Team TSD’s opinion). So, sit back and sink your fangs into these wonderful and distant memories of season 3. Let’s count em’ down:

10. The Death of Daddy Forbes – I was wrought with emotion watching her father, the man that should be protecting his daughter, trying to force the evil out of Caroline by torturing her in his creepy dungeon. How cruel. And the worst father of the year award goes to… Mr. Forbes! The more surprising aspect of the whole Forbes situation was that Caroline still loved her father despite his deep seated hatred for vampires. When he was “saved” with vampire blood after being attacked by werewolf Tyler, and then killed by evil Alaric, he turned into exactly what he hated most because he had Caroline’s blood in his system. Caroline was willing to stick by his side for the transformation but he opted to die instead. It was an emotional moment watching one of our favorite characters, struggle to convince her father to complete the transition and then eventually watch him die. Even as a vampire, losing the ones you love isn’t any easier.

9. Andie: Death by Ripper – Even though Damon was using Andie to feed, you could tell he truly cared about her on some level. She was a spit fire and was able to hold her own. When Stefan lured Damon to the studio she worked at just to make him watch her die, it showed a side of Stefan we hadn’t seen before. Nothing Damon had done before had been that intentionally hurtful and spiteful. Watching Stefan turn into the bad guy and seeing Damon suffer at his own brother’s hands was certainly a flip of the coin and a huge shocker. Meet Ripper Stefan, an unabashed and utterly nasty vampire asshole. In that moment, I wanted to stake him.

8. Esther is a terrible mother – And the worst mother of the year award goes to… Mrs. Mikaelson! Her and Mr. Forbes would make a splendid couple don’t you think? When Esther reappears, we are unaware of what her true intentions are. We know she can’t just be in town to reconcile and reconnect with her children she hasn’t seen in hundreds of years. No, that would be far too normal for any resident of Mystic Falls (supernatural being or not). It’s not long before her true motive is revealed. She wants to kill all of her children to rid the world of vampire evil. She attempts to do a binding spell so that once one of her children are staked with a white oak dagger, they would be linked and therefore all die. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), that’s not how it panned out. The gang put the kibosh on that one. Sorry bitch mama! Not gonna happen!

7. Evil Alaric – How much shit do Elena and Jeremy have to endure? They always end up losing everyone that they love. Alaric became a father figure while he was looking out for them and he was a damn good man. I miss him. 😦 However, we learn that you can only die and come back to life so many times until a switch flips in your brain and you turn into a raging, murderous, vampire-hating version of yourself. We watched the gang try to save Alaric in any way possible, but alas, Esther turned him into the ultimate vampire hunter and linked his life with Elena’s. Like we said before, not even a jam jar of herbs is going to save Alaric this time (sorry Bon, nice try). If anyone’s looking for a job, there’s an opening for a history teacher at Mystic Falls High.

6. Klaus & Caroline share a dance – Nothing excites me more about next season than the possibility for a romance between Caroline and Klaus. We got to see Klaus’ softer side when he was attempting to woo Caroline. He drew her a picture for crying out loud! The dance they shared was so amazing, it had me squealing like a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Caroline acted like she hated it, but I’m thinking deep down she is quite intrigued by Klaus. He tells her he can show her the world. I think that’s just what Caroline needs and maybe she can work her way into his heart and change him for the better. If he stays a bad guy he’ll get killed off eventually, and I don’t want him to leave! #LongLiveKlaus

5. Chicago Flashback – The Roaring 20’s flashback showing old Stefan, Rebekah and Klaus was my absolutely favorite part of Season 3. It was so fun to see a different side of Stefan and to try to imagine what life must have been like at that time for the three vampires. I loved seeing Rebekah and Stefan’s old romance and I almost felt bad for her witnessing Stefan’s rejection of her. Watching Klaus and Stefan chum it up was a blast, too. It looks like Stefan had a lot more fun back in the day. I want more 20’s flashbacks and sweet flapper dresses! Pretty please.

4. Klaus dies… just kidding – We see Klaus get staked and I could hear the gasps around the world as TVD lovers thought it was the end of our favorite golden-haired original. We knew this was coming but it didn’t make it any easier to watch. I started uncontrollably weeping until I realized that he was in fact NOT dead at all. He did the body-jumping trick and is inside of Tyler now. Yes! Damn you TVD writers for toying with my emotions like this. I can’t wait for super steamy and awkward make-out sessions between body inhabiting Klaus and the unsuspecting Caroline. Again, #LongLiveKlaus

3. Alaric’s send off – This has to have been the most touching moment of any TVD episode, of any season. Not only was it beautifully shot, with the image of all of the gang in the woods saying goodbye to Alaric, but it was so heartfelt. Alaric meant a lot to each character. He was a guardian to Elena and Jeremy, a friend to Damon and Stefan and a lover to Meredith. Watching Damon stay with Alaric until the end was heartbreaking and, in my opinion, the most intense moment of the whole scene. It showed the true friendship that had formed between them and a side of Damon that we know is there but rarely get to see. Bravo TVD writers, cast and crew. Bravo.

2. The Delena Kiss – Finally! I feel like I had been waiting in a hidden vampire tomb for centuries to see the sexual tension between these two come to a head. Jeremy, Elena and Damon stay the night at a hotel and things get steamy. Elena lets Damon crawl into her bed which is a sure sign that things are about to get hot and heavy. Elena tries to walk away but Damon follows her outside. Before you know it, they are pulling each other into an embrace and getting their mack on to “Never Let Me Go”. I will admit I sobbed like a baby on my living room floor and hit the rewind button about 4 times when I saw this. TVD fans have been waiting for a very long time to see these two admit their true feelings for each other and for Elena to give Damon a chance. Unfortunately, the kiss isn’t enough to keep Elena from Stefan but I have an inkling that there will be some more Delena action in Season 4. Better be!

And the #1 best moment of Season 3 is:

1. Elena Becomes a Vampire – I did not see this one coming at all. It was a very clever way to kill off Alaric, but I thought they would hold off a while on turning Elena. But there go those danged TVD writers again, always catching me off guard… which is just the way I like it. Things are going to be much different now that she is no longer human. Perhaps the most perplexing thing about her death is that Stefan did not save her from the sunken car. He instead pulled Matt from the car leaving everyone wondering how the hell he could do that. Is it just me or does anyone else think that a vampire could have managed to pull them both out of the car? Maybe swimming just isn’t his strong suit. From the sneak peaks of Season 4 that have been released, it looks like Elena is going to seriously struggle with becoming a vampire. Good luck Elena!

There are MANY more amazing moments from Season 3, but these top 10 all stayed with me throughout the season and linger with me now. Comment and let us know what your favorite moments of the season were. Hurry up October 11th! #fangsout


Team TSD

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