We asked TVD lovers on Twitter which cast member they would meet if they could and why. Here are some of the amazing responses that we got back. We just had to share. Enjoy!

@beauty_team – “I’d love to meet Ian Somerhalder because he’s so awesome, funny, gorgeous and humble. He’s my inspiration.”

@romi_princess – “I would like to meet Daniel Gillies and why? Because he is crazy and awesome and I adore him.”

@nabeelah55 – “Stefan! (Paul Wesley) He’s amazing & I love his character.”

@Zabie76 – “Nina Dobrev! Been following her since Degrassi and she’s from Canada like me! She has pure talent, looks amazing and has a bright future!”

@its_just_niki – “Kat Graham because she is an amazing actress, dancer and singer. Oh, and did I mention she’s drop dead gorgeous?”

@YasySomerhalder – “Ian Somerhalder. He’s amazing, caring, gorgeous, perfect. Love that man.”

@BonnieB_BAMF – “Kat Graham because she’s amazing and I have the biggest girl crush on her.”

@_damonswife_ – “I would meet Ian Somerhalder because he’s so sweet, caring and inspiring. I’ve always admired how much he cares about his fans.”

@nubian_princesa – “I would love to meet Ian Somerhalder not just because he’s ridiculously good looking but because of the way he relates to the fans.”

@Delicious_DE – “Nina Dobrev, because she is my idol and I look up to her so much. I wish I could tell her how much I appreciate her.”

@MarijaBerry – “NateBuzolic because he seems like a sweetheart & funny & I just want to talk with him & share opinions on everything.”

@_MissMiracle_ – “I want to meet Joseph Morgan. To hear his British accent and see his cute smile. He’s the best Original.”

@F_A_A_8 – “Candice Accola, because I LOVE her.”

@LaurenKelly94 – “Joseph Morgan so I could listen to him talk in that cute accent about his fave books, movies and charities he supports.”

@EternalLoveDE – “Ian Somerhalder because he’s flawless on the inside & out!”

@BrieanneVanessa – “I’d meet Candice Accola because she seems so friendly, optimistic, fun… someone I could easily spend time with & enjoy myself!”

@KlausisKing – “I would love to meet Joseph Morgan and just sit down and geek out over books.”

@meloniew87 – “Paul Wesley of course. He’s humble, funny, flawless and so amazingly talented. And I’ve been a fan of his forever.”

@d2robertson – “Ian Somerhalder obviously! But not just to see his face in person, but b/c I’d love to pick his brain. He works so hard to give back.”

@stefansbunny – “Paul Wesley of course. He is amazing. So talented, funny and well, HOT and has great hair. He is the main reason I watch TVD.”

@AngiemAngela – “If I could meet one person from TVD it would be Julie Plec. She is so amazing & without her there wouldn’t be a show TVD! So thank you Julie Plec.”

@ManPit82 – “Daniel Gillies, because he really loves his wife and he cares about people. And he sends kissing messages to his fans.”

@houseofvampires – “Joseph Morgan. He’s an inspiring and good man who loves books just as much as me and supports women’s causes.”

@DebbyFeo – “Ian Somerhalder because of ISF!”

There are so many reasons to love our TVD cast. These are just a few. Thanks to our TVD Family for participating over the past few days. Hurry up October 11th!!! #fangsout


Team TSD

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