Tyler Lockwood: The World’s Second Hybrid & Ex-Sire Bitch to Klaus


Just because ALL of our fave supe shows are currently on hiatus, it doesn’t mean our sexy supes don’t need saving! In honor of all this TVD promo awesomeness, we’ve decided to save…TYLER LOCKWOOD! Why do you ask? Well, number 1, we don’t know where the honey badger he is right now…supe space? AND he is, like, way hot and Caroline Forbes’ OTL (that stands for “one true love” for all you people that never had a middle school crush.) I don’t know why Bonnie chose to abduct Tyler’s body for Klaus, but she did. I mean, couldn’t she have chosen like a prisoner in jail so at least he would be locked up somewhere? BOOM! Did I just blow your mind? Thought so. Regardless, Bonnie was obviously thinking on her feet and Tyler was the only thing she could come up with in the ten minutes she had to find a body for Klaus. So, let’s get down to the dirty deets as to why we want to save Tyler Lockwood in this week’s Save the Supes:

1. He’s a werewolf. Whether you are #TeamVamps #TeamWitches #TeamWere’s #TeamWhatever, he’s a supe, which means he is badass and deserves saving. He can hulk out into a fracking super charged Lassie. How much more awesome can you get?

2. He’s a tortured soul. EVERYONE loves a guy with a bad past. Tyler was a certified piece of horse shit in season one, and now I can’t get enough of him (especially with Caroline). He still has a bit of attitude, but it works. He stands up for himself, and now that his soul has been saved (well, sort of; he’s a vamp now which means he’s sort of “damned”, but he’s a nicer guy now so…we’ll just toss that one up to irony). ANYWAYS….now that he is a nicer guy it just makes him that much more loveable. We can still see his brooding now and then, but the way he makes Caroline smile makes my Fannie May melt…

3. Caroline. #duh. He and Caroline are fracking soul mates. She helped him transition and he’s returned that favor with undying, eternal love. Romance much? As much as I want to see a Klaroline relationship explored this season, I am always rooting for #TeamForwood.

4. He’s sexy. “OWWWWW OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” (That’s our werewolf howl.) He is tall (we think), dark and sexy. His Latino olive-colored skin makes me want to take my clothes off and break out in the Macarena.

5. Jeremy. The Salvatores aren’t the only ones with a hot bromance in Mystic Falls. Even though Jeremy has been stirring up some shit with Matt lately, he still has a friendship with Tyler. We love it even more that they’re friends after Tyler was a huge dick to him in season 1. And, we just like seeing Tyler/Jeremy in scenes together because they are smoking hot.

6. He’s like Christian Grey, but a werewolf. For all of you Fifty Shades fans, observe the parallels: 1) He’s rich, like Christian. 2) He has a “red room of pain”. The Lockwood dungeon where he hulks out into a werewolf while he’s CHAINED up? You’re telling me that he and Caroline have never explored the possibilities there? #notbuyingit 3) For awhile he wasn’t “safe” for Caroline. Because of his sire bond to Klaus, his relationship to Caroline was threatened. Christian’s relationship was always threatened with Ana because of his crazy “sex sire” bond to old lady Elena who played sex games with him when he was like 15. Did I just blow your mind again? #yourewelcome

What do you guys think? Should/when will Tyler be saved? Will Caroline make sexy time with Klaus thinking it’s Tyler? The #TVDS4 promo below hints at that….until next time, bitches. #fangsout


Team TSD


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