“Sup girl? I’m Daddy Argent, and I run this bitch.”


Ok, so all of TeamTSD is FINALLY caught up on Teen Wolf. (Lindi had a head start on Liz, so don’t judge hookahs). Since Teen Wolf is gearing up for season 3, (24 episodes! HOLLER BITCHES!) we have decided to Save a Supe from the Cali Crew. This week we are saving….DADDY ARGENT! So, Daddy Argent sounds a little naughty… but that’s why we like it so deal with it. We’re over 18 so that shit is LEGIT. We also realize that Daddy Argent is technically not a Supe, but he’s on a Supe show (Teen Wolf) and he’s supernaturally hot. Now let’s get down to the dirty deets:

1.     He’s a good dad. Despite his rough beginnings, like smashing in Derek’s car window (rude!), he is still a good dad. Underneath that constipated ego he has going on, you can tell he truly loves Allison and cares about her. Remember when Allison got all nasty because her conscience had been hijacked by her asshole grandpa Gerard? Daddy Argent was like “what da fucque?” and made her check that attitude. A real dad wants his daughter keepin’ it classy. #highfive

2.     Allison already lost one parent. As much as we could not STAND Mama Argent, it still sucks Allison lost a parent. Espesh since she never got to say goodbye. Guilt-trip much? Mama Argent was a total witch, but you could tell she still loved her daughter. However, I did write her off as soon as she tried to gas Scott with wolfs bane in that horror movie looking hostel place. Da fucque Mama Argent? #crazytrain

3.     He’s hot for a dad. Ok, let me change that up. He’s hot in general. It’s easy to have your hotness shadowed a bit when you are on the cast of mother effing Teen Wolf. It’s like Abercrombie contracted out their fall lineup for each season. But have you SEEN pics of Daddy Argent outside of the show? Those baby blues? #DILF. Just Google him. You’re welcome.

4.     He is nice to Scott. His family “code” is to kill weres, but he is still nice to Scott, because he means so much to Allison (a-la reason #1 why Daddy Argent rocks). That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have some smart ass comments thrown Scott’s way, but we’ll take that over gassing him in a fracking warehouse (‘were’house? pun count=1). Yeah, sorry, we still aren’t over that shit. #messedup

5.     He helps protect the town. So he’s sliced and diced a few Omegas in his day. He only does it if they kill someone else. Can you blame the guy? I mean, I hate my asshole neighbor who blares his dub-step music ten volumes too high as much as the next girl, but that doesn’t mean I want him mauled to death by Beowulf.

6.     Family comes first. Don’t hate a brother for supporting family values! So his values got a bit twisted… that shit happens to us all the time. When my mom told me that I was destined to be Prom Queen like her, I totally followed in her footsteps. And when I lost, she wrote me off like a bad weave. I get it Daddy Argent. It’s hard to please your parents when they are so rooted in their ways. My mom STILL wears her crown at Thanksgiving. #embarrassing. You must be feeling the heat right now, ESPECIALLY since your crazy-ass dad tried to turn himself in a werewolf…and he pulled a kanima out of his ass and killed a bunch of people…AND he kidnapped innocent kids AND tied them up/beat them to a pulp/electrocuted them. Ok, so your dad is a bit more bat shit crazy than my mom, but we still got some sympathy for you. #poundit.

Alright y’all what do you think? Should Derek and crew step up off Daddy Argent for a while? Let him get his shit together. He’s trying, and that’s enough in our bestiary. Leave your comments, bitches! #fangsout


Team TSD

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