Ok, so we recently discovered that Bill has turned to the dark side (maybe). Shoot, he already has the Darth Vadar voice down, “SOOOKAAYYYY”. But I’m not ready to give up on him just yet. He might just be putting on a fake “glamour” to infiltrate the Sanguinistas. So all you Team Anti-Bill people listen up: we need to Save This Supe! Here’s why:

1.      He has a child. Jessica has been getting into all sorts of trouble without her maker around. Ain’t her fault! If I was given eternal damnation I would be throwing keggers and pole dancing, too (not that I don’t do that already). Bill has been an OK dad thus far, but Jess still needs some guidance.

2.      He has a good heart (metaphorically speaking). Even when he was a nasty vamp in the early 1900’s he visited his dying daughter. What creature of the damned does that?! One that CARES. Bill is a good guy; he was just made by a whore-iffic maker (a-la Lorena). Remember the good times people!

3.      He was Sookie’s first love. Whether you’re team Seric, Sill, or Salcide (best I could come up with), you have to admit the Sookie/Bill romance was beautiful in its hay-day. Their sex scenes were borderline late-night Cinemax, and she truly loved him. My first love was a certified ASSHOLE, but that doesn’t mean I want him running around with Sanguinistas sippin’ on laced v-juice. #riseaboveit

4.      The Eric/Bill Bromance. What is better than Sookie and Bill/Eric making sweet love? The adorable (and somewhat sexual) friendship between Eric and Bill. It literally broke my heart to see Eric watch Bill say he was “evolving” while sitting amongst the enemy in this week’s episode. I think Eric truly cares for Bill, which is awesome. Let’s hope Bill is just putting on a show, because I don’t want their kick-ass dynamic to see the true death.

5.      Salome Sucks. Ok, that chick is straight-up CRAY. I don’t want her brain-washing Bill any more than she already has. In her human life bitch had a Pope’s head served to her on a platter. That shit’s just messed up.

Hop back on the #TeamBill train and get over yourself, hookahs. Bill is one strategic son-of-a-bitch, and I think we are going to see him join the good guys soon. Leave your comments, bitches.


Team TSD

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