So, we made predictions awhile back but we have since heard spoilers, watched cast interviews, been introduced to new characters and seen sneak peek photos. All this information changes everything (well, some things). Let’s talk about what we think TVDS4 has in store for us.

1. Connor The Vampire Hunter: Apparently, we have a new big bad in town. Connor will be played by actor Todd Williams. Welcome to the TVD Family Todd! I’ve made a few predictions about his character but I don’t think I’ve hit the nail on the head just yet. My thought is that his hatred for vampires has to be personal. Why would he specfically come to Mystic Falls? He has to know someone. Maybe the Founder’s Council enlisted him for help. Maybe Damon or Stefan harmed someone he loved and he’s out for revenge. Perhaps, he’s after the Originals. The spoilers say he’ll be set on destroying the bond between Elena and crew so I don’t know what his motive for that could be. I have my more far fetched theories like Alaric is actually in his body or that he’s a zombie with a hankering for vampire blood. Hey, you never know. One thing is for certain, Julie and Kev don’t create one dimensional characters. I’m sure in time we will learn all about Connor’s intentions, his past and the demons that drive him.

2. Bonnie’s New Mentor: Bonnie will have to pay in some way for what she did involving the Klaus/Tyler body switch. The witches might have something to say about her dark magic. We know that Bonnie will have some kind of relationship with a local college professor, Shane, played by David Alpay. Welcome to the TVD Family David! In the spoilers, they likened him to Vanessa, Isobel’s Duke research student with a comprehensive knowledge of vampire history. The college prof’s vast knowledge of witch craft will be darker and deeper than Bonnie is accustomed to I’m assuming. He’s supposed to be an expert on this stuff. I haven’t decided if this could be a romantic relationship for Bonnie or if he could possibly be another villain of sorts, perhaps pulling her to the dark side for his hidden personal reasons. Ever since Gram’s died though, she has been needing some guidance from someone. She shouldn’t have to go through this alone. Team Badass Bonnie!

3. Elena’s Hot Vamp Sex: Julie Plec teased that at some point in season four Elena will have her first hot vamp sex romp. Who will it be with though? I am very torn between whether it will be Damon or Stefan. Both make sense for different reasons. I can see Damon because Elena is going to be compulsive and maybe slightly wild at first and that is certainly compatible with Damon’s personality. She did say her love for him consumes her. Steamy! I’m expecting her remembered past compelled memories to play a part in that as well. Having her first vampire horizontal mumbo with Stefan would be a much more passionate and beautiful moment though. They have been through so much and their love is truly epic. I would almost prefer her first time to be with Stefan since she is going through such an emotional time, as long as Delena lovin’ happens at some point. Then there is the wild card, Matt. We know he is going to be used as a blood source in some way; could it lead to more? They do have a history. She may reject them all and decide to be fierce and independent… doubt it. One thing is for sure, the Salvatore/Doppelganger love triangle is far from over.

4. The Founder’s Council: Things are all shook up in the council now that Alaric outed the Lockwood’s and the Forbe’s at the end of Season 3. We know that these mamas are going to protect their youngins when it comes down to it. Who is going to head the council if Carol and Liz get the boot? Connor? Will they have to leave Mystic Falls? Will they get turned, or worse, get the axe? I don’t think this town’s youth can handle losing anymore parental figures. The ‘foundation’ of the Founder’s Council has been shattered (pun intended). The new Council, in whatever form it may take, could possibly be even more relentless, violent and determined.

5. Klaus & Caroline: First off, where is Tyler’s body? Floating around in Supe Space I presume. Rumor has it that Klaus is only in Tyler’s body for a short while (1 or 2 episodes maybe). Klaus being in Tyler’s body is setting up a Klaroline romance for season 4. Caroline has yet to divulge in her true badass vampness. Klaus is offering her the world on a silver platter. Something tells me she is going to take him up on that offer by the end of season 4. What if since Carol is in hot water, she tries to save Tyler but in order to do so has to get him away from Caroline? Orchestrated by Carol, Tyler may betray Caroline whether he’s aware of it or not, sending her straight into the arms of an eagerly waiting Klaus. Who knows?

6. Tatia/Katherine – Show Yourselves: I think it’s safe to say we are all missing us some Katherine Pierce. Where is our fierce Petrova vampiress? I read somewhere that she won’t be reappearing right away in season 4 (if at all). No doubt she’ll show up right when she’s needed though. She has to make an entrance. Maybe to save her dull-as-dishwater doppelgänger or to profess her love for Stefan again. We’re all salivating for more Tatia backstory too. Tatia flashback please! If you want her to actually appear, that would be cool too! (Nina: Props to potentially portraying 3 different characters. #ballerstatus)

7. The Return of The Ripper: I don’t know if Stefan will go back to being the full-blown Ripper, but we know he taps back into his darker side. We have heard rumors about him riding motorcycles and becoming a little reckless. What is going to spark his dive off the deep end though? Could it be a tryst with Damon and Elena? Maybe self-inflicted suffering because of his guilt for letting Elena die. Maybe Klaus gets to him again in some way or he has to start feeding on humans again for a reason we don’t yet know. Maybe he does something even worse and can’t handle the shame. It’s all just too much! Whatever it is, I’m so incredibly excited to see the return of bad-boy Stefan, even if he just has a short rebellious spurt. Team Ripper Stefan.

I could go on forever with this, but I’m probably way off on most of these predictions, so I’ll just stop. I think Bonnie and Jeremy are both going to be sick and tired of being used or kept out of the loop and really step it up this season. I can’t wait to see them both become complete badasses, because they deserve it. I think the new girl, Hayley, could cause a rift between Caroline and Tyler, whether it has anything to do with a romantic relationship or not (maybe pushing her more towards Klaus). I know there is so much that I’m forgetting to mention, but these are the things I’m most excited about and the issues I’m assuming will be the larger focal points of Season 4. Leave your comments about what you predict/hope for TVD Season 4! Get pumped up people! October 11th is just around the corner! #fangsOut

Until next time…


Team TSD

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