OH. EM. EFF. GEE. WTF?! OK, so, I just regained consciousness after passing out during last night’s finale. Ok, one more time, OMFG! Let’s discuss.

Number one, how sad and real were all of our characters last night? Hats off to the TVD cast, writers and producers for putting together a great episode. We begin the episode with flashbacks of Elena’s life pre-hot vamps in her not-so-appropriate Mystic Falls cheerleading uniform (can you saw NAWTY?!). It broke my heart to see how normal and loving her life once was. Then we cut to her in the hospital after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage. I KNEW that bump on the head was not just going to go away. How’s a girl hit her head that hard and then go huff paint fumes and be OK?  Then Dr. Fell gives her some v juice to save her life. Oh, Dr. Fell, how the Scooby Gang must have such a love/hate relationship with you right now. Elena does not want to become a vamp, but she really has no choice now, right? Or she’s gone for good? And let’s not forget about my number one bitch-Katerina Petrova. Shit’s gunna hit THE FAN when she finds out another her will be around for eternity. Like we’ve said before, she is Queen B and DOES NOT like to share the spotlight. #PetrovaFire.

Let’s hop to Caroline. Barbie has had it rough. First, her dad dies, then her mom tells her to leave town, and then her hottie hybrid boyfriend basically dies in her arms. I felt like I was watching the Supernatural Lifetime channel. But wait-badass Bonnie rescues the day. Bonnie had a choice to make: kill Klaus , the man who has turned her life to shit, or kill all of her friends and family. What did she do? Switched Tyler and Klaus’s bodies. AHH! Why did she choose Tyler’s body? Did she have a choice? So is Tyler dead? Is he floating in supernatural space? Will Klaus tell Caroline he is in Tyler’s body? That’s a hot mess.

Which brings me to my next point-so Klaus really is the bloodline all of Katherine and Crew. I will admit, I totally thought they descended from Elijah. HOWEVER, I still think Elijah has some connection to Elena for some reason. His story with the original doppelgänger (Tatia) still has to be explained. TBD…

Then there’s Ric. Damn you, Alaric Saltzman. You just keep breaking my heart. During the scene with him and Jer, I freaking lost it. Heart.Breaking. “I will always be watching over you”. AHH! And then he comes back to his good self and dies in Damon’s arms. So Damon is having his best friend die in his arms, and then knows Elena is also dying. Can you say, bad day?

Damon and Elena. You know TeamTSD is a lover of all ships, but even Stelena shippers have to team up with Damon on this one. Elena to Damon: “Maybe if I met you first”. SHE DID MEET HIM FIRST. Is it just me, or can you not even wait for Elena to complete the transition and remember all the times Damon compelled her? Like the scene in her bedroom where he gave her necklace back and told her he loved her and couldn’t be selfish with her? GAME.CHANGER. Get your game face on Stefan-big brother is about to take over the playground.

Ok I am literally so tense right now I might as well have a white oak stake in my heart. September, you cannot come soon enough.


Team TSD

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