Elena is caught between a moonstone and a hard place. Should she fall for Delectable Damon or Sexy Stefan? I will give the girl one thing, she has been through a lot. Her best friends are a vamp and a witch from the most powerful line of wickens, her brother can talk to ghosts, her biological mom was a biotch of a vamp, her previous legal guardian was sacrificed, and her current legal guardian has a serious case of split personality disorder. Can you say Lifetime movie gone bad? This girl deserves a little lovin’, without all the drama. And by lovin’, I mean jumping into Damon’s leather pants. Drama-free Damon will be good for Elena. She’s a fierce woman who has been to hell and back, and she deserves a little spark of goodness. And Damon’s beautiful mouth can give that to her. Stefan needs to focus on his “Ripper” drama and leave Elena out of it. I mean who wants to babysit? The thing that ups Damon’s ante is that he has been true to himself the whole way through. He does good things, and bad things, and doesn’t try to cover them up or use them against anyone. “It is what it is” with Damon, and that is his strong suit. Brooding Stefan has too much going on right now. Elena needs some stability, and ironically Damon can provide that. He’s not making any promises, or living up to anyone’s expectations. What you see is what you get. And I like what I see ;). GAME ON!


Team TSD

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