“Stefan, or Damon? Stefan, or Damon?” MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!

#DopplegangerProblems. AHH…The infamous window sill. This is where Elena sits and contemplates her problems. Which , lately, have piled up higher than Jeremy after one of his bake sessions. Stefan or Damon? Should she kill herself to kill Alaric and save a bunch of immortal demon creatures? Will her life ever be normal again? This seems to be the premise of tonight’s season three finale, “The Departed”. I, for one, do not think that this is the big bang to blowout season three. Let’s look the last two finales: Katherine pretended to be Elena in the season 1 finale (blew my mind), and in the season two finale Jeremy died, came back to life, and saw his ex-girlfriends (blew my mind X2). I am keeping my mind open to compulsion for this finale. I never doubt the deliciously brilliant Julie Plec; that woman never disappoints. For all you shippers-put your Klaroline/Stelena/Delena/Bamon/Klockwood teams aside, and just enjoy. I have a feeling that we are being set up with this finale to be about who Elena chooses, and it’s really distracting us from a kick-ass jaw dropper. We’ll see if I am right after the episode tonight.#fangsout


Team TSD.

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