Shitty dolls of Damon & Stefan Salvatore

Ok, I just saw these dolls of Damon and Stefan Salvatore and I feel like we need to talk about this. WTF? I mean I am glad they are rocking some fine Italian leather jackets but I mean… really? Stefan’s hair is just a tad exaggerated and Damon looks like he had a face lift gone wrong. Also, I’m pretty sure Damon could cut a diamond with those jaw bones. Are they wearing lipstick and blush? They EAT people all day for heaven’s sake. Get these century-old badasses some Noxzema pads to get that emasculating mumbo-jumbo off their faces. Who the hell is responsible for these horrendous representations of my beloved Damon and Stefan? If they were reminiscent of the Salvatores at all, they would be nailed to the ceiling above my bed right now. Trust! Can someone hit re-do on this shit and try again? Thanks. #fangsout


Team TSD

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