Another shitty doll attempt of Damon, Stefan & Elena

Yeah, I’m not done with this TVD doll shiznit after finding this picture online today. Ok, apparently being transformed into a doll ages you about 10 years. Elena is in freakin’ high school (although that’s debatable because we never see her there unless she is attending a dance). This doll looks 30! Does anyone else think they accidentally switched Elena’s doll with Posh Spice’s? Damon’s hair , albeit shiny, looks like he just got in a fence debris throwing match with Klaus in the middle of a residential street in broad daylight. I have NEVER seen Damon look that casual either. That is an insult to the TVD costume designer who spent a lot of time hand-picking leather jackets and black jeans to make him look like a complete badass (which he is). Rude! Also, did this Damon doll forget to shave? It’s that awkward length where you’re not sure if it’s just a shadow or actual hair. Stefan’s “before paint” looks strangely like Dracula + Edward Cullen. I can’t even handle going into Damon’s “before paint”. There’s just too much. Why is this pissing me off so much? I think it’s just because I don’t appreciate someone doing a botch job on the loves of my life and I’m desperately hoping someone can try to get this shit right so that I can add them to the TVD shrine at my house. Ok, I feel better now. #fangsout


Team TSD


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