Cabbage Patch version of Sam & Dean Winchester

They strike again! If you did not think the #dollfail could get any worse, please take a hard look at these pictures. Now, I will admit, I am a newbie to the Supernatural family (and loving it by the way – I should have started watching YEARS ago), and I am extremely offended by this creepy cabbage-patch bullshit. If you have been a loyal cult fan of the show for years, I would just stop reading and turn off your computer, because you will probably jump out of a window if you look at this picture any longer. First off, Dean and Sam are way hot, and I am pretty sure they pop up in my nightly dreams with Alcide from True Blood. If their shirtless bodies got replaced by these voodoo knock-off Bratz dolls, I would wake up screaming and spend the rest of the night eating cookie dough ice cream to keep from thinking about it again. Would you feel safe with one of these dolls staring at you all night? Pretty sure they remind me of Chucky but with better clothes. If I was a mother and didn’t know any better, I would probably contemplate buying one of these dolls for my kid until I saw the FREAKING GUN in Dean’s hand. If you do not know which one is Dean, he is the doll with the very inappropriate gun accessory and looks like he is about to puke all over the place. Why did they decide to give Sam the rosy cheeks and pink lips? Did they run out of paint? The Dean doll looks like a deer in headlights and halfway dead. And what’s up with his necklace? It looks like the pendant The Authority wears in True Blood. I will give them one thing, though, their jeans are cool.

Ok, I’m going to go kill a pint of ice cream and hopefully not have nightmares of these fucktarded dolls. #fangsout


Team TSD

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